Certainly, the fashion industry has faced great changes in 2020 due to the pandemic situation. Further, these changes have not yet come to an end. That is to say, they are still going under changes and things are far from coming back to normal any time soon. Certainly, the pandemic situation has brought with it drastic challenges for fashion retailers. In addition, it has also brought new customer habits that are here to stay for quite some time.

Tips for Fashion Retailers amid Pandemic Situation

We understand that fashion retailers are thriving to find ways get sales in the current situation. Therefore, we at Teranoid, have come up with some tips for fashion retailers. Below, we shall discuss which fashion trends should retailers opt for in the next half of 2020, just as lockdown is beginning to lose so that they can gain maximum benefit.  

Promote protective equipment such as Masks during Pandemic Situation  

Looking at the situation and the safety measures consumers are taking, fashion retailers need to focus on the face masks that everyone is wearing and will continue to wear. So, it is great time for fashion retailers to gain maximum benefit from this investment. Further, even when the lockdown eases further and things start getting back to normal, consumers will still take a lot of time to come back to normal life. Therefore, masks will remain a part of their shopping for quite some time. So, it has become an opportunity for fashion retailers to invest in face masks.

Further, fashion retailers can promote these masks as terming them a necessary part of the fashion clothing. In addition, the consumers can buy masks matching with their outfits. However, retailers should make it a point that the masks are made from antibacterial fabric. Secondly, the masks should be colorful and printed so that they attract the consumers. Thirdly, fashion retailers should also focus on making masks for children. These masks can be different based on colors and animation.      

Home wear is popular during Pandemic Situation

We are all aware that mostly people are spending time at homes. That is to say, mostly people are working from home and the rest too have hardly anywhere to go besides grocery shopping. Therefore in this time, people are not opting to but formal dresses, instead they are focusing more on buying comfy and casual outfits. In addition, many people have lost their jobs. As a result, they are not spending a lot of money is shopping other than the daily life basics. Therefore, keeping in mind all these factors, fashion retailers need to focus on daily and casual wear. Further, fashion retailers also need to focus on home shoes, clothes made of soft and comfortable fabric.    

Stand with the consumers in social issues

Another important aspect that fashion retailers need to keep in mind is to contribute towards the community. That is to say, consumers get attracted towards a brand that feels for the people and relates to them. In other words, brands must take part in societal and political matters, for example, the Black lives Matter Movement, Feminist movements such as the Me Too Movement. Certainly, consumers get attracted towards such brands as they are catering to their emotional needs and taking part in their movements. Further, consumers also are active when it comes to noticing how brands are treating their workers. As a result, this greatly influences their shopping experience. So, fashion brands must contribute to the matters concerning the society and bring positive change in the community and among the consumers.

“It’s through vulnerability that human beings create connections. The more vulnerable we can be with one another, the more that we’ll trust one another and the more we’ll be able to collaborate effectively.”

-Neil Blumenthal

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