Certainly, we are aware that e-commerce is becoming popular. In other words, the business mechanism and ways are changing with the passage of time. That is to say, with the advancement in time, retail is also changing and things are going towards digitalization. Further, the digital transformation had revolutionized many industries. In the same vein, digitalization has also transformed the retail industry. Certainly, people are more inclined to shop online as compared to shopping from stores. Hence, we can say that e-commerce retail is gaining popularity among customers.  

In this article, we at Teranoid have compiled for you some points that explain how retail commerce and e-commerce website is different from each other. Secondly we shall also explain how e-commerce site is overtaking traditional retail.    

How are traditional retail and e-commerce Retail different from each other?

Well, e-commerce as well as traditional retail are similar in the fact that they have same objectives. In short, their aim is the same; to sell and buy products. Certainly, these both forms of retail are entirely different from each other but if we talk about similarity, then the objective is the only thing that makes them similar.

How are traditional retail and e-commerce Retail different from each other?

Let us now see how traditional retail and e-commerce are different from each other.


Well, one of the major differences between traditional retail and e-commerce retail is that of accessibility. That is to say, e-commerce is more accessible to consumers as compared to traditional retail. That is to say, consumers have to visit the store if they have to buy the product. On the other hand, consumers can simply browse online, select their product of their choice and order it online.


Secondly, traditional retail has limited time hours. In other words, the shop will be open for limited hours. On the other hand, the e-commerce shopping site is available 24/7. Even if it is a holiday, you can still shop form e-commerce site as it is never closed.


Another major difference is of delivery. That is to say, the e-commerce site allows shoppers to get their items delivered in various cities. In other words, the customer can order from online within the state or even in some cases outside the state as well. So, this gives consumers more chances to shop from the store. On the other hand, traditional retail is completely different. There is no option of delivery mostly. You just have to visit the store and collect your items at the same time.  

Having said that, the online ordering system has gained popularity during pandemic. Therefore, restaurants as well retail stores have started delivering items online.

Ability to see & touch

Traditional retail allows the customers to see and touch the products and know the product quality. That is to say, consumers can ask the staff about the product and check it physically. This however, is not the case with e-commerce retail. Consumers just see the item and order it. They cannot see the product physically or touch it. In addition, the customers get the item as soon as they purchase it in traditional retail, while in e-commerce retail; consumers have to wait for their product to be delivered to them. This might take 3-4 days or a week’s time as well. 


As mentioned earlier, due to the advancement in technology, the e-commerce retail is certainly increasing its popularity. However, both, traditional retail as well as e-commerce retail has their benefits and setbacks. But for businesses who are deciding on which one to opt, they certainly should opt for the e-commerce site as it more popular and in demand today.         

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