SKU Number; it’s Significance & Tips to Generate it

SKU Number; it's Significance & Tips to Generate it

Certainly, the products have the SKU number and codes on them. In other words, retailers come across products that have the SKU number. But what does it mean? Basically the SKU Number is unique for each store. Further, the SKU Number allows the store to keep details and track of the inventory. The SKU Number depends on the retailer; the way they want to give numbers to their products. However, mostly the SKU Number comprises of 8 digits.

 Significance of the SKU Code for Retailers

The SKU numbers are significant for retailers as they simplify a lot of tasks. That is to say, each SKU code is added to the tracking system. Consequently, this makes it easier for the retailers to manage their stock, track items and their location, make accurate inventory decisions, and make employees’ work life easier by searching for products.

The SKU Numbers further help in marketing as well. In short, they are used to suggest other products on the site for the customer. Secondly, computers can easily track the SKU Numbers serving the employees and the managers to manually handle the products and spend hours in doing so.  

How to Generate the SKU Number?

Retailers can easily generate the SKU Numbers through their inventory management system or POS System. Try to make shorter SKU Numbers as your staff should be able to easily read and remember them. Also, retailers can choose the type of SKU Numbers they want to select. For example, they can select either the digits or numbers. Moreover, they can also select a combination of the digits and alphabets. 

Tips for Retailers regarding SKU Number

Reusing the SKU Numbers

There is a general conception that retailers should not use SKUs. However, retailers can use the SKU code as the products keep changing. Therefore, after years of using the SKU code, you can certainly reuse it.

Creating the SKU Number

One tip for creating the SKU code is that it must not begin with the 0 digit. That is to say, there are software systems that might interpret the digit 0 as nothing. In short, the digit 0 will most probably not be counted as number. Therefore, it is best if retailers avoid beginning their SKU code with 0.

Secondly, it is better if the SKU code begins with an alphabet. As a result, this will help retailers/managers/employees to find the product easily and to distinguish it from others.  

Avoid SKU Numbers with number-like letters

SKU code should be evident. Therefore, avoid using such letters that resemble digits. Further, there are also letters that resemble other letters. As a result, this might cause problems for the employees while they search for the SKU code. Certainly, the purpose of having SKU code is to simplify procedures, not to complex procedures.


To conclude, SKU code is an essential tool that retailers have. These SKU numbers help track inventories. Further, they also help make smarter decisions regarding merchandise. Moreover, SKU number makes the life of the employees and managers a lot easier.