Features of POS System that help you get more out of your Business

Easy to setup &; use of POS System

Teranoid is extremely simple to set up and use. It does not need any technical expertise. Just install, setup and use.

Instant Backup

Instant backup to cloud servers along with guaranteed up time that adds confidence and ensures faster recovery in case of hardware failures.

Live Reporting App

The Teranoid Live Reporting App gives you access to your sales statistics. No matter where you are, keep a close eye on your business.

Live Reporting App

One POS System for All Retail Businesess

Teranoid POS is ideally suited for many retail businesses. You own a Coffe Shop or a Restaurant, Book Store or a Grocery Store, Beauty Saloon or Gym, Teranoid will add value to your bueinss

One POS System for All Retail Businesess

Efficient, Fast & Reliable POS System

Teranoid, a revolutionary Point of Sale System, is a new vision for the retail industry. It helps build the future through its ultra-modern features. Innovative and effective, Teranoid is proving to break barriers by being ahead of time.

Most efficient table management, and combo products feature makes Teranoid a best choice as a Restaurant Point of Sale system.

Efficient, Fast & Reliable POS System

Comprehensive Dashboard

We realize how significant sales statistics and business records are for businesses. Therefore the Teranoid Dashboard has been built in such a way that provides detailed view of the business. Feel closer to your business through the Teranoid POS Dashboard as it displays sales statistics, analytics, retail specific indications and KPIs. If you are on holidays or not in store for some reason, you can easily keep an eye on the store and its sales statistics through the Teranoid Dashboard provided in the Live Reporting App as well.

The Teranoid Dashboard has been made simple and easy to use. There are no complex procedures for retailers to know their business stats and numbers. Also, the Teranoid Dashboard does not comprise of endless rows and columns that make understanding of the metrics difficult for users. It is very simple, yet provides detailed and necessary information on the business.

Barcode Support

Decrease the chances of human errors by using the Teranoid barcode support system. Now have a reliable and accurate way of reading the encoded message on the products

Teranoid Point of Sale System is integrated with barcode support system. Make your checkout fast by using the Teranoid POS System that is compliant with a barcode system.

barcode POS System
Multi-store Management with Teranoid POS system

Multi-store Management with Teranoid POS system

Now you can manage your multiple stores through a single web portal. This has certainly made handling of various stores easy for multi store owners. This makes the Teranoid POS System ideal for business owners. Simply add new stores to the Point of Sale System without going through an extensive procedures and complex methodologies.

Grow your business simply through the Teranoid POS System, by handling multiple stores easily through the POS System as well as through the Live Reporting App.

Customer Facing Display POS System

The Teranoid POS System comes with a customer facing display. This gives your customers an exceptional experience as they can view the checkout and transaction process and monitor their billing. Consequently, there are less chances of errors, when it comes to your customers viewing their billing procedure.

Further, it also gives your customers a sense of confidence and builds trust among them. They can keep track of which items the cashier has added in their cart and billing system.

face display POS System
Works Offline with Teranoid POS system

Works Offline with Teranoid POS system

The Teranoid POS System works offline as well which is a great benefit for everyone. Teranoid POS System is fully synced to work perfectly without an internet connection. So the checkout procedure will never be stuck or stopped due to low or no internet connection. Cashiers can easily process with the billing process even if there is no internet at all.

This makes the Teranoid Point of Sale System highly practical and a useful Point Of Sale System that understands the business needs and has been built in a way that provides convenience and ease for its users.

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