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At Teranoid, we believe in developing and growing together. We value teamwork and welcome strategic collaborations. We believe that creating a team and leading together is very vital. Therefore, we promote partnerships, associations and alliances.

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Our Mission

Teranoid is a leading company that has been planned and designed for businesses. Keeping the viewpoint and concerns of a business owner in mind, we have planned our point of sale system and thought of it as the solution to all business needs. Our mission is and has been to make the life of the business owners easy so that they can manage their tasks and lengthy procedures easily. With such an advanced point of sale system, we intend to automate the business operations that have been manually handled by business owners since decades. We intend to simplify these tasks through our Point of Sale System.

Our Goal

It will not be much to say that our goal is to reach thousands and millions of business owners worldwide and make them aware of the importance of the Point of Sale System. We do not believe in making sales and increasing our customer base, in fact our goal is to reach out to maximum businesses and make them more advanced and technologically aware. Times have certainly changed and we are aware of the significance of technology in every field. Therefore we aim to take the business world to the next level by making the business procedures advanced, improved, refined and evolved.  

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Our Values


We believe in building a relation of trust among our customers. We treat our customers as our family and intend to build a relation that is based on trust and assurance. Our Point of sale system is also such that is created through the endless efforts of our team. We not just believe in building a relation of trust with our customers. We also believe in keeping our highly efficient team of workers; developers, programmers, IT experts and software engineers as one big family. So whether it is our in-house family or our customers, we believe in treating you as our family. Any issue that arises on your part becomes our problem and we instantly work towards resolving it!   


Quality comes first for the Teranoid Company. We believe in providing you a Point of Sale System that is tested and tried several times before it is made practical for you to use. We do not compromise on quality and that is one of our assets that makes us successful. Our products whether it is the point of sale system for retail, restaurants, gym, spa, salons, apparel stores or any other form of business are tested by our expert team of developers, programmers, Quality Assurance team and once it is perfected, we deliver to our customers! 


Innovation is one of our core values. Without innovation, our Point of sale system would not be here and will not be useful in case of no further advancement in the system. The basis of the creation of our Point of Sale System is innovation. It will not be wrong if we say that it is our major driving force and we further believe in advancing our Point of Sale System further towards more recent trends and advanced features. Our revolutionary Point of Sale System has proved to drastically change not just the retail industry, but all forms of businesses. We have combined innovation and technology together and bring forward a point of sale system that is revolutionary and powerful. We continue to work towards making our Point of Sale System more advanced, innovative and practical.     

Customer Service

We do realize that without your support, our Point of Sale System would not have got the attention and popularity that is has gained today. It is because of your trust and understanding of the product that we stand we are here today. We never undervalue our customers and that is what makes us appreciate them more and take care of them with full sincerity. Our customer service is active 24/7 for our valued customers. Our customers are certainly our priority and keeping that in mind, we provide them exceptional customer service so that they do know that they are our first priority. 

Become our Sales Partner

Become our sales partner and expand your customer base.


Teranoid is at the junction of 3 noteworthy trends: Cloud, Security and mobile collaboration. We understand confidentiality and ensure data security of our customers through the Cloud and Android POS system. You are welcome to join us on these renowned rapidly growing markets to broaden your horizon. Being an international company, Teranoid can help you reach a wider audience. At Teranoid, we can help you provide access to a wide range of solutions that you can package to meet your customers’ needs.

You are also welcome if you have your own point of sale prototype and want to validate it. We value small ventures and businesses that possess the passion to create something bigger and better.


Let’s join hands to accomplish it together!

Technology Partner

Teranoid aims to improve the process of trade by transforming the commerce experience for both customers and sellers. At Teranoid, we believe that there is nothing more important than a productive and efficient working mechanism. Therefore, we work with numerous Technology Partners to keep improving and simplifying the complex details of transaction for businesses. We value the different ideas and diverse skill set that comes along with partnerships. It adds to the final product and features of the Point of Sale System.

We acknowledge that to deliver the best, we require experts of different mindsets and ideas to come together and use their experiences and expertise. And since, Teranoid Point of Sale System is highly techno based, we warmly welcome technology partners on board to join our Technology Partner plan to improve, enhance, and grow with Teranoid!

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Join our Referral Program

If you know someone looking for a Point of Sale System, for their business, get in touch with us. We have multiple rewarding referral program that can help you earn easy money. This program is especially charted out for Point of Sale System consultants, sales organizations, Value Added Resellers (VARs) and any other organization that is directly or indirectly involved with the Point of sale system industry.

Being a Referral, you can provide value to different industries that are tied with a Point of Sale System. This includes retailers, fashion boutiques, apparel, restaurants etc. The highly advanced Teranoid POS System is established and designed in a way that it can assist and manage almost every type of business.


Teranoid is always looking for new investors in the software industry that see our potential and passion. We are one of the leading Point of Sale System Company and have always something better and advanced to offer to our customers. We believe that innovation is limitless. Hence, we keep working on our Point of Sale System features to provide an improved and efficient commerce experience to our customers. Moreover, we always pull it off in generating healthy revenues which ensure that investing in Teranoid is a safe investment. So join us as an investor and be a part of our journey towards achieving success!

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