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Dashboard of Teranoid Point of Sale

Feel closer to your business through the Teranoid POS Dashboard thatdisplay sales statistics along with retail specific KPIs. For example, normal client deals, stock turnover, and sell-through rate, customer repeat rate etc.

Through Dashboard, Keep an eye on low and high performer products and so has the sale highs and lows during sale cycle (daily, weekly, monthly). This alsogives highlights of areas that may require improvement / attention.

Works Offline

Despite having fully synced to cloud for instant backup and centralized access through web portal, Teranoid point of sale system is fully tested to work perfectly fine without Internet as well. Keep your sales going on despite any disruption in internet service.

Multi-Store Management

Manage Multiple stores through a sing web portal.This makes Teranoid point of sale an ideal choice for store chain.Comprehensive dashboard reflects entire business sale statisticsso as the single outlet/store. Use Consolidated Reporting and Dashboard to get bigger picture of your business performance. Alongside, you can also dip in further to outlet level reports. Enjoy access to all of this real-time data anytime, anywhere.

Create user/cashier through Centralized Access Control Management that works either on a specific outlets or to multiple outles. Effective permissions management ensure better control. Administrator users haveaccess all outlets and POS Terminals.

Customer Facing Display (CFD)

Teranoid POSCustomer facing displayallows the customers at the cash counter to keep track of what cashier has entered in his cart. This adds confidence in the customers and improves customers satisfaction.

Alongside Cart, things like promotions, Rewards, Customer Information etc can also be displayed on CFD. Splash screen showing promotions and offers can be displayed as well.


Discount is one of the many other upselling factors. This also helps retailers to improve repeat purchase rate (the percentage of your customers who come back for another purchase). Such factors make “Discounts” a widely used option on Cash Counters.

In Teranoid POS Solution discounts can be applied either on individual item/product or on whole order. Discount can also be mentioned as a fixed amount or percentage.

Pause Order

The Teranoid POS enablesCashier to Pause the current order at anytime. In a situation where customer forgets an item and goes back to the store to pick. During that time, cashier can Pause that customer’s order to serve the others in queue.

Cashier can view all Paused Orders and reopen whenever needed.

Manage Returns, Refunds

Teranoid POS has the incredible feature of managing the returns and refunds. Order can either be partially returned or in full. Refunds are properly recorded in every return case.

This allows the business to have an accurate cashflow informationabout each transaction and keep the customers satisfied.

BarCode Support

Teranoid has a barcode scan feature as well. This helps the business eliminate the possible human error. Entering a product through a barcode keeps track of the exact number of products with all the tiny details.

Moreover, the extra fast and highly reliable Teranoid barcode also help the business run efficiently. The barcode reduces the data entry time significantly which improves productivity and efficiency.

Split Payments

People like to pay for their own specially in restaurants. Sharing the cost is a common practice. Teranoid Split Payment Feature allows cashier to split either total amount or items within that order. This way different people can pay for their own against the same order.

Multiple Payment Options

Teranoid also allows customers

This gives customers the liberty to choose multiple payment methods at once. They use cards, cash, phone or any other method to pay the bill.

Manage Returns, Refunds

Teranoid POS has the incredible feature of managing the returns and refunds as well. The POS system closely checks and keep a count of the products returned and the money refund.

This allows the business to have an accurate cashflow informationa bout each transaction.

Store Credit Sales

The Teranoid point of sale system has yet another uniquefeature of storing the customer’s credit record.

This is a Post Paid behavior where customer don’t need to pay at the time of purchases. Rather this credit record is saved and can be invoiced to customer at agreed interval (weekly or monthly).

Detailed and Customize Receipts

One of the amazing features of Teranoid Point of Sale systemis the ability to generate detailed and customize receipts.

The customers get a receipt with all the tiny details mentioned. Which includes; the number of products, name of products, price of products, tax applied, total price, etc.

Sales (X-Report) and Day End (Z-Report) reports are even more comprehensive. This includes almost everything needed information for a business day.

The POS feature of detailing and customizing the receipt greatly helps the customers in keeping track of the products bought and discounts availed.

Advanced Reporting

The Teranoid Point of sale system has a strong reporting features that allow you to keep a close track of your sales, profits, and expenses like Cost of Goods Sold (COGS).

The POS reports provide data in real-time and it is presented in a way that can be easily comprehended. This helps the owner to keep an accurate track of all the inflows and outflows.

Register Closure Reports

Another advanced feature of the Teranoid POS is that the software hasability to generate a daily report.

This report is basically the summary of all the transactions, inflows, and outflows, stock and exchanges, etc. It provides the owner a quick idea about how the store is doing and what needs to be done in order to make it even better.

To conclude, Teranoid is one of the best POS Multi-Store. There are various advantages of POS systems, and therefore,businesses are recommended to have a point of sale system to manage and direct their business well.

Realtime Sale Report

This report is specifically meant to give instant view of the sales, cash, refunds etc. This give full insights of the sale for a particular terminal from openting of the day till that time.

Proudct Comments

Teranoid POS is, although highly advanced, yet it is very convenient and easy to use. With the feature of product/items comments, the POS system explains to the customer what to do or select when they are at the point of sale.

The feature help assist the customers really well, which improves their overall experience. This ultimately translates to a better store reputation, increased customer base, and loyalty.

Pricing Levels

This feature help retailers operating multiple outlets. It is often required to set different price of the same item based on the outlet location. This becomes essential due to varied operational costs on different geo locations.

Product Search

Finding a product in a supermart can be time-consuming and tiring. When running late or in a hurry, we cannot afford to waste our time by looking through every aisle. Therefore, it is recommended to search the product through store assortment.

The Teranoid POS system, in this regards, does wonder in numbering all the product properties. The POS system quickly searches the product by its product number, product name, description, dimensions, and barcodes fed in its program.

The program of the Teranoid POS software has the ability to quickly identify the product’s location so that it can be easily accessed. This does not only saves time but improves the customer experience as well.

Product Import

Huge number of products in existing System is a majorechellengeto handle while switching POS. Thanks to Teranoid Import feture that makes it simple through import products using the Teranoid POS import feature.

One for All

In Multi Outlet environment, one customer profile works for all outlets. Identify your customerson all locations through, unifiedcustomer profile management with nohastle of duplicationand effective customer analytics. Same applies for products too – how cool is that!


The POS promotions are the isles near the checkout couner. They force the customers into impulse buying. This way the business makes a little over what the customer has initially planned. It is because people usually grab a gum or chocolate at the POS.

Customer Search

In addition to product search, the Teranoid, a tablet POS system also helps the business in approaching and accessing a customer.

There are times when a business wants to connect to their customers in order to purchase their history, observe their shopping pattern, or add another transaction. Teranoid, the best POS system makes it very easy and convenient.

Teranoid, an Android POS system has the ability to search all algorithms which match the customer properties, i.e., customer name, email address, phone number, loyalty card number, etc.

This way, the POS software quickly finds the required customer, which ultimately makes the operation efficient.

Customer Management

The Teranoid POS solution help manage the customers really well. The loyalty rewards program, customer facing display, split payment option are all the features that involves direct customer interaction.

These features develop a bond of trust, satisfaction and confidence amongst the two parties which strengthens the customer base and manages them well.