How can Independent Retailers overcome their Challenges?

overcome retail challenges

Independent retailers certainly face retail issues. That is to say, in today’s world, independent retailers are facing challenges which no one talks about. Further, there have always been challenges for retailers in the past as well. But, the issues that retailers are facing today are different from the ones that they faced in the past.

Major Independent Retailers’ Challenges

A few of these major challenges include customer satisfaction. Certainly, this is one of the biggest retailer concerns today because today’s customer has become powerful. Powerful in the sense that it has become difficult to please and attract them. Further, competition is so strong that customers are more likely to shift to other brands in seconds. Moreover, customer satisfaction through technology is yet entire another entire topic that falls under independent retailers’ issues. Moreover, today’s customer is advanced. Secondly, technology is something that has great impact on today’s customer. So, one of the biggest challenges is to be advanced in terms of technology. For example, having effective inventory management system, modern and high tech POS System etc has become a must for retailers today.    

Ways to overcome Independent Retailers’ Challenges

Below we have discussed some useful ways that independent retailers can adopt in order to overcome their challenges.

Independent Retailers need to maintain Service Quality

One of the most significant ways for independent retailers to overcome their challenges is to maintain quality of the service and products. That is to say, they need to make their unique identity by working on their quality. In fact this can be one of their biggest strengths. Moreover, independent retailers are mostly on their own so they can focus more on providing good quality service. In addition, they deal with the customers themselves on daily basis. Consequently, they are the ones who are directly involved in customer dealing because their business is mostly family based. Consequently, they are passionate about what they do. So, maintaining quality can become one of their strengths and will give huge support to them.

Independent Retailers need to be quick in decision making

Certainly, independent retailers are on their own. That is to say, they do not have to consult partners or are answerable to head offices. So, working independently, gives them an edge. That is to say, they have to decide things on their own. Consequently, they do not have to spend hours and days waiting for the others approval, suggestion or orders. So, this is counted as another major strength for independent retailers. That is to say, they need to have quickness and smartness of mind so they know what they are doing and that they do so in less time. In short, they should be smart and active enough to take wise and instant decisions regarding their business.

Independent retailers need to Provide Variety and be Creative

Because of their local business, independent retailers can cater to the needs and requirements of the community and area where their store is located. That is to say, they can easily get to know the customers and know their needs. Consequently, they can plan their products and services likewise. So, it is easier for independent retailers to provide variety of products to the customers and to be creative in their product range. As a result, this will attract more customers and strengthen the independent retailers because customers are certainly looking for variety and excellence.     


To conclude, independent retailers are no different than others. That is to say, they can overcome the challenges that they face by adopting the above mentioned ways. If you are an independent retailer and have some more tips for others, do share them as we would like to know what challenges you are facing and what ways are you following to overcome the challenges.  

Driving Foot Traffic after the end of the lockdown

Driving Foot Traffic after the end of the lockdown

Things will take time to get normal after the lockdown has ended. Most importantly, when it comes to retail. Further, the foot traffic in stores will also not be the same as it used to be before COVID-19. Moreover, before retailers could hold in store events to promote foot traffic. However, such tactics are no more useful because COVID-19 is still there and worse than before. As a result, customers are still avoiding gatherings and life has still not turned to normal.

Therefore as the stores are gradually being opened and the lockdown in most countries has come to an end, retailers must prepare themselves for welcoming customers. More than that, they need to think of ways on how to attract the customers who are still fearful and afraid to go to public places.

Ways to drive Foot Traffic in Stores

The Teranoid team has come up with a few tips and ways that shall help retailers drive foot traffic to the stores.   

Drive Foot Traffic by taking safety measures

Certainly, if retailers want to attract customers towards the store, they must ensure safety and security for them. So, retailers need to implement safety measures such as maintaining physical distance, providing hand sanitizers and masks. Moreover these safety measures should also be practiced by the staff so that the customers feel safe. Further, ensure that the store is clean and is disinfected continuously.

In addition, ensure that the store is not overcrowded. That is to say, the number of customers attending the store at one time should be limited and restricted. Select the maximum number of customers that can enter the store at a time. Make the rest of the customers wait but do not make that waiting experience troublesome and frustrating. Try to entertain the customers in some way while they wait. However to save the customers from waiting, retailers can also take appointments and then schedule their visit according to safety and security measures.    

Exclusivity is the key to attract customers

Certainly, retailers need to be exclusive. That is to say, in order to entice the customers towards the store and to shop online, they need to give them some exclusive offers. For example, putting items on sale or marketing products that are offered for specific time. Certainly, customers are attracted towards products that are on sale and are for limited time. Therefore retailers need to think of such tactics that entice the customers to shop.

Drive Foot Traffic through Safe Placement of Merchandise

Certainly, there are retailers who cannot afford to offer sanitizers and masks to the customers. So, such retailers can make security measures by placing the store products far from each other. Further, plan the merchandise placement based on safety measures.   

Attractive Window Displays drive Foot Traffic  

Attractive window displays attract the customers. That is to say, customers will visit the store, if they find an item useful and attractive to them in the display. So make sure that the items placed in the window displays are useful, enticing and new. So, after retailers reopen their stores, they need to make the window displays more attractive than before. Moreover, the display should also be relevant and according to the current situation. As a result, customers should be able to relate to the products or the message displayed. That is to say, retailers should not simply think of their business and start promoting products. In fact they should display messages related to their security and the tough times that the whole world in going through. As a result, customers will be able to relate more to a brand that understands their state and are trying to lessen their stress by diverting their attention to other things. For example, making them realize that there is no harm in pleasing themselves if they shop because they deserve it.

Certainly, it is high time to;

“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.” – Steve Jobs

Is Great Content the key for better sales and increased customers?


Content can be a great way to sell online. That is to say, it is one of the most effective ways to impress customers and entice them to shop online. So, retailers certainly need to see what type of content they are using and if it’s really effective or not.

How to create Great Content?

In this article, we shall mention the tips that retailers and their content teams need to follow while they create content for the website.

Great Content does not have to be Lengthy

Certainly, no one is willing to read long paragraphs and unnecessary details. So, content creators need to make sure that they do not overdo their writings. That is to say, if something can be written in a few words, there is no need to write lengthy details about it. Use minimum words to convey the message. Further, the product information should be easy to find and read. That is to say, it should be along with the product so that the buyers do not find difficulty in finding information about the product. Certainly, the buyer will not put extra effort in searching for the information. Instead they shall simply move to another site.

“Writing isn’t about using big words to impress. It’s about using simple words in an impressive way.”  Sierra Bailey

Interact with the Buyer through Content

Think of the type of customers that you are catering to. Consequently, use the words accordingly. That is to say, we talk face to face with the customers in the store. Moreover, customers are looking for personalization. So, content creators should firstly make content targeting the type of audience that they cater to. Secondly, they should personalize messages for regular and loyal customers. Such customers usually have accounts on websites. Therefore the content creating team should send personalized messages to them as well through online customer service, while they shop through the website. Moreover, it is also through the POS System integrated with websites, that we are aware of the customers and their purchases. So by knowing about the regular customers through the POS System, the marketing teams too can attend to the customers in a better and more effective way.

Content should describe Product Usefulness

Benefits of the products should be explained explicitly. That is to say, customers need to know the details of the product that they will buy. For example, color, size, type, uses, product material, guarantee, etc. So, customers buy a product once they know its benefits and usefulness for them. So before writing content, content creators need to think about how useful the product is for the customers? How can you explain to them in simple words its usefulness in their daily life?

Content should be Skimmable

People have less time. They only want to know the information that they are looking for. So there should be subheadings so that the reader does not have to go through the entire piece of writing to find something that they are searching for. Moreover, the paragraphs should be small. Also, make use of appropriate images that also help the customers with the information they are looking for.

Correct usage of Words for Content

There are certainly describing words that are appealing to the senses and attract customer attention. If it’s a fabric, customers should know by the words how the fabric will feel and what its material looks like. Further, explicitly define the color so that they can imagine how the color would look like and if they should buy it or not.   

“Write so that people can hear it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart” – 

Maya Angelou

Blog Content writing

Certainly, blog is an integral part of the website. Moreover, it helps make customers online. That is to say, the customers reach a site through blog writing and the use of effective keywords. Moreover, it keeps customers updated with the relevant information. Further, blog writing gives you the option to write about anything relating to the business and the products. So, get to know what people are interested in knowing. Consequently, write about it and keep the customers updated.