How to attract Customers through Retail Store Design?

Certainly, COVID-19 has kept the store from making money. However, that does not mean that there is no way retailers can attract customers and make their business successful yet again. Gradually the stores are opening; therefore retailers need to think of ways that shall attract more and more customers. So, one of these most effective ways is to change the look of the store. In other words, Retail store design should be modified and enhanced so that retailers can attract customers. In other words, appealing store design is a must for retail stores because customers do not get attracted towards a store easily.    

Ways to Attract Customers through Retail Store Design

We at Ternaoid, have compiled some tips for you. These tips and ways that shall help retailers attract customers through retail store design.

Retail Store’s Design Tip #1: Presentable Window Displays

Stores should be able to attract customers through window displays. That is to say, it is through the window displays that customers should be enticed to come into the store. So, one of the basic rules for effective window displays are that it must not be cluttered and scattered. That is to say, there must not be a lot of items in the window displays. Instead, retailers must place products that are large and few so that the customers can focus on these one or two items properly.

Retail Store Design Tip #2: First Impression Counts

A good tip for retailers is that they must view their store from the entrance. That is to say, they need to see the store from the customer’s view that is entering the store. See what thoughts strike the mind first and what the impression of the store is. Consequently, retailers will be able to know what first impression they are leaving on the customers. As a result, they can improve the areas that need attention.

In addition, also see that the store displays and products should be visible and clear. In other words, retailers must ensure that the customer must not face any visible distractions when it comes to viewing the store as soon as they enter it. In short, if the customer is able to see the store better, they would want to spend more there, resulting in sales. So, for this purpose, what retailers need to do is to remove displays that are too tall and shift them at the end of the store. Products should be clearly visible and the view must not be blocked.

Retail Store Design Tip #3: Store décor is very important

Certainly, the store décor is very important. That is to say, the themes and the colors that retailers choose must be vibrant and appealing. In short, there are some colors that are appealing for the customers while some others are distracting. Certainly, retailers do not want the customers to be disturbed or distracted while they shop. The store’s atmosphere should be relaxed and positive. Secondly, the décor planning must be in congruent with the store and nothing should seem odd.  

Retail Store Design Tip #4: Focus on the Decompression Zone

As we have mentioned in the previous articles, the decompression zone is essential when it comes to attracting customers. However, the size of the decompression area varies from store to store. This area allows the customers to make themselves relaxed when they enter the store. In addition, retailers also need to realize that the decompression zone is only meant for customers to relax and decompress themselves. Therefore there must not be any products placed in that area as they will go unnoticed. However, retailers can place baskets, carts, shopping trolleys etc. where customers notice them.  


If the displays and the store look remain the same, there are fewer chances of customers being attracted towards the store. In other words, we all want change. In the same vein, customers too are looking for change in the stores that they visit. So, retailers cannot afford to lose their customers because of boredom. So, no matter which products the store is selling, the above mentioned tips shall certainly help.    

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