Certainly, employees at various stores, such as pharmacies, grocery stores, retail stores etc. have been risking their lives in order to serve the people. In other words, these front line employees are in need of care to keep them protected. Further, the stores owners must implement safety measures in the store that protects the front line employees. Certainly, it is the duty of the retailers and store owners to secure these employees who are working day and night in these difficult and life-threatening corona times. Therefore, taking care of employee safety will not just help in protecting the employees, but will also help built trust among the customers. In other words, customers are visiting such stores that are strictly following COVID-19 safety measures. Therefore, customers too feel protected amongst stores and employees that follow safety rules.

Safety measures for Front line employees

Below we have discussed a few safety measures that retailers need to take in order to make the employees and the customers feel secure. Because stores have now begun to open and many have already opened, therefore it is high time for retailers to implement these rules right away.   

Cleanliness & Sanitization for Front Line Employees

The World Health Organization has stated that COVID-19 can stay on plastic and steel. In addition, they have also stated that it can stay for up to 72 hours. Therefore to prevent the spread of the germ, you need to continuously clean the store. Make sure that you clean the credit card terminals and doors after each customer leaves or enters the store. Moreover, if stores can afford, they must provide hand wipes and sanitizers to customers so that they sanitize their hands before they enter the store.

In addition, the cleanliness must be for the employee areas as well. In other words, whatever gadget or other store items that the employees touch, they must immediately clean it or use the sanitizers. Secondly, ensure that you implement the cleanliness of the shopping carts and baskets every time it has been used. Further, you should also prohibit the use of shopping bags as they can be the source of spreading the virus. Instead, inform the customers beforehand that they bring their own bags or baskets to collect their items. Employees must make it a habit to wash their hands regularly.

Contactless Payment for Front Line Employees

Certainly, contactless payments has become one of the most effective ways in the current times. In other words, it is the safest way of shopping today as the Corona virus germs can easily be transmitted through money. In addition, the customers are also preferring payment through cards because they also want quick checkout and minimum chances of touching anything. Certainly payment through cards do not make the customer touch anything else apart from just tapping. Further, if you have the Point of Sale System that comes with contactless payment option then you are good to go. So, contactless payments are beneficial for the employees as they will be secured from touching cash.

Plexiglass for Front Line Employees

The use of plexiglass in stores is becoming popular recently. In other words, these sheets create a barrier between the cashier and the employee. In short, the plexiglass helps in stopping the transmitting of germs while giving customers face to face interaction with the employees. This does not affect the transaction process. Further, the barcode scanners can work through the plexiglass.

Masks for Front Line Employees

Masks are essential for the employee safety. Certainly, the use of face masks helps employees protect themselves from catching the virus. Therefore, ensure the usage of the face masks for employees so that they protect themselves as much as they possibly can.


Certainly, employees are a very significant element of the store. Therefore, it is must that retailers take care of the employees as much as they can because if there sick leaves and absentees are certainly going to affect the business in the long run.

“Employees are a company’s greatest asset – they’re your competitive advantage. You want to attract and retain the best; provide them with encouragement, stimulus, and make them feel that they are an integral part of the company’s mission.”  

– Anne M. Mulcahy

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