Certainly COVID-19 have had its effects on e-commerce in 2020. Further, these effects are most likely to expand beyond this year as the situation has not yet been under control. That is to say, the pandemic is still spreading rapidly and there is no stop to it yet. Certainly, the e-commerce situation has also drastically improved due to the pandemic. The malls, stores, restaurants etc. have shut down and still are shut in many countries. Therefore, people had shifted to online shopping and ordering as they could not visit outlets. It will not be wrong if we say that the consumer buying behavior and habits have also changed. That is to say, people have changed because of the way they shop: when, where and how.

In this post, we shall acquaint our readers about how they can take the best decisions for their business during covid-19.

Understand the consumer panic buying e-commerce behavior

Stocking up is what people are doing due to panic. That is to say, people are still under this fear that the stores will shut down again, if they are not yet shut. Secondly, they fear that they might end up not finding items that they might need. So people have been stocking essentials such as medicines, sanitizers, grocery items etc. So, in case some of you who have not yet started with online stores, must do so instantly. That is to say, it is the time for e-commerce. Those businesses and brands that have online stores can survive in this time. However, the ones that only have brick and mortar stores will suffer sales.

Is online ordering safe?

Talking about the increase in e-commerce, we also need to through light on the safety of online orders. Although, it is widely knows that the COVID-19 stays on the item for more than three hours, or may be for days in some cases. However, the shipment of the parcel takes a few days to reach the consignee. Therefore, there are very few chances that the germs still might last in the package.

According to the official site of the State of New Jersey, “There is likely very low risk of spread from products or packaging that are shipped over a period of days or weeks at ambient temperatures. Currently there is no evidence to support transmission of COVID-19 associated with imported goods and there have not been any cases of COVID-19 in the United States associated with imported goods.”

Therefore, it is evident through this statement that there are no or very chances when it comes to online ordering and receiving packages.

Increase in revenue due to E-Commerce

Certainly, people are staying at homes and avoiding gatherings. Therefore they are also avoiding visiting stores. As a result, there has naturally been a decrease in shopping at brick and mortar stores. On the other hand, an increase in online shopping can be seen. Certainly, people are turning towards e-commerce as they find it safer to shop online as compared to shopping from brick and mortar stores. E-Commerce sites that are selling household and grocery items are certainly having huge increases in their sales and revenue. Secondly, health related products are also being sold rapidly online. For example, medicines, sanitizers, masks, etc.

In addition, customers are also opting for “buy online pick up in store” option. That is to say, in order to avoid crowds, people prefer just pickups from the store. In addition, online ordering apps have also gained popularity during this time. That is to say, the customers prefer apps that provide ordering facility and delivery as well. So, it is good time for businesses to make apps so that it is easier for the customers to buy products.

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