2020 has certainly been a tough year when it comes to sales growth. That is to say, sales growth have immensely been affected in this year because of the events that took place. For example, most significantly the spread of COVID-19. This certainly had a great impact on the business world and the sales and revenue in general. As a result, businesses have been planning new strategies in order to cope with the prevailing COVID situation. 2021 seems to be the year where the COVID situation still prevails. Hoping this year turns out to be more successful for businesses in terms of sales. The Teranoid team has come up with the best sales growth strategies that businesses need to be aware of.

Sales Growth Strategy #1: Creativity

The economic crisis has affected the business world immensely. Therefore, in order to keep the business afloat, businesses and sales teams have to work harder to keep the sales going. Further, it is time when the market has become competitive. Therefore, innovation and creativity is what drives traffic and attracts customers. However, the key is to come up with new and innovative ideas before the competitors. In addition, sales team needs to be smarter as well along with being creative. That is to say, the concept or strategy they come up with, must be innovative and different from the strategies other businesses and competitors plan. Certainly sales team needs to know how they can be differentiated from the others. Certainly, this will leave a lasting impression on customers.       

Sales Growth Strategy #2: Sales Automation  

We cannot say that sales automation is a trend. That is to say it is necessary for businesses to automate their sales. This saves time and makes the sales process faster and more effective. Therefore, sales automation is very significant for sales growth. That is to say, times have changed. Therefore, it is important that the sales tasks are automated so that the sales persons focus more on sales selling rather than focusing on other admin tasks. Secondly, it is sales automation that lets sales persons spend more time on comping up with more creative ideas and sales plans. In other words, because all the routine tasks are automated, therefore the focus on the sales teams is entirely on planning sales strategies. Therefore, make sure that in 2021 you implement sales automation as it will help in sales proceedings.

Sales Strategy #3: Social Selling

Social selling has been popular in the past few years. However, in 2021 it is must that businesses completely adopt the social selling strategy. In simple words, social selling means to plan and plant idea into the target audiences’ mind. Gradually the sales team need to develop the need and want for the customer to buy a certain product. Be available to them all the time online. For example, if they have any queries, you should be present there to answer them. In short, whenever the customer intends to buy something, your business or product should be the one that comes to their mind first.

In the present times, certainly businesses do have social media accounts. Therefore those of you who have these accounts, are already in with social selling. However, if you are not actively planning social media strategies and the right ways to target the audience, then you need to do that in 2021. Make sure that you employ the correct social selling strategies to increase sales and make more customers. Secondly, ensure that your posts are relevant to the business and cater to the customer needs. Further, ensure that you are present on all social media platforms because you never know from where you can get more prospect customers.   

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