Certainly, COVID-19 Sales have faced a massive change in 2020. That is to say, sales have highly been affected due to the COVID situation. In this article, we shall discuss what sales challenges businesses faced. Further, we shall also discuss how we can overcome these challenges so that the sales are smooth. Let’s discuss below what these major sales issues are.

Have a COVID-19 Sales Strategy

Certainly COVID 19 is having impact on vast number of organizations worldwide. Consequently, sales are also being affected. Therefore it is better that companies and businesses create their sales strategy. State clearly the objectives that you want to achieve. Secondly plan the actions that you would require in order to reach those goals.

In addition, track the strategy and follow how the work has been progressing. Continuously monitoring the progress of the goals that need to be achieved is a must.

Supply Chain Evaluation

You need to have a clear understanding of your supply chains. Know which products are in stock and which ones need to be restocked. Secondly, know the vendors; their locations. That is to say, in case of lock down in those areas, there must be an alternative for that. Keep a list of secondary suppliers so that you are not short on merchandise. In short, be prepared for every bad situation and have a beforehand plan. As a result, you can save your business from difficult situations.

Know the sales failure areas

Identify the members who are critical for the business working. That is to say, know the workers that are appropriate for handling difficult business situations. In addition, be prepared if the virus continues to spread. Think of ways in advance in case you need to shut the office. That is to say, think of options such as work remotely and staggered shifts.

Motivate the Sales Teams

Certainly, in these tough economic times, the sales team loses its morale. That is to say, because there are no responses from the buyers, therefore sales persons become demotivated. Secondly, working remotely has become another challenge. In other words, workers lose their focus because of working remotely.

The solution to this can be to remain continuously in contact with the members. Further, keep a check on them and ask them to submit their daily progress. This way they shall not lose focus and will remain on track. In addition, support your team workers. That is to say, ask them how their work is going. Secondly, take their advice if they want to keep working from home entirely or do they want to opt for a split remote/in office setup. Thirdly, ensure that you are not over burdening the staff or continuously pressurizing them. That is to say, give them space so they can work easily.   


Quite briefly we discussed the ways through which the COVID-19 sales losses can be overcome. Certainly, we do understand that this time is very hard on all businesses. Therefore we need to think of ways that can help our businesses overcome the hurdles that it faces.

One of the most significant things and advice for all businesses during this time would to turn to e-commerce. That is to say, have online sites as that is what the customers are preferring. In addition, for such businesses that can have an online ordering app will be a plus point, such as restaurants, grocery stores, apparel stores, etc. Through these online sites and online ordering apps shopping will become easier for the customers and can add to the sales. Teranoid comes with its highly practical online ordering app, which has been created by experts. This app gives businesses the facility to expand their business and grow their customer base.          

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