The beacon technology is meant to transform the entire customer dealing experience for retailers and the Retail Market. Further, the beacon technology is way more advanced and effective as compared to just providing exceptional customer service and marketing the right products. So, let’s see if the Beacon Technology actually has the potential to transform the Retail Market.   

How can the Beacon Technology transform the Retail Market?

Beacon Technology is advanced and certainly has several benefits. Therefore it will not be wrong if we say that this technology has the potential to transform the retail market. We at Teranoid are striving to provide you with the most authentic and useful information. So, below, we shall discuss the how the Beacon Technology can transform the Retail Market.

Beacon technology makes the shopping experience seamless

As mentioned, above, the Beacon technology sends signals to the mobile phones. Further, these beacons help customers know more about the store that they are in and the products that they might be interested in. in addition, it is through the beacon technology that the entire shopping experience is made seamless. That is to say, the customers are not just informed about the store products and what they can buy; instead the beacon technology also offers several other features. Moreover, the customers can also know if the item is available in the store or not.  

Eddystone and the power of beacons for the retail market

We are aware by now that the beacon technology is being used in the retail market for long. However with the Eddystone advancement, the beacon technology has moved to the next level. In short, it is through the Eddystone beacon language that the gadget performs exceptionally well. Further, beacons have the potential to communicate with mobiles devices such as android and Ios.

Insight into the consumer behavior for the retail market

Beacons also give retailers deep insight into the customer behavior. That is to say, it is through the beacon technology that retailers are able to know how the customers like the products and which ads are they responding more to. However, in addition to providing customer insights, the technology also ensures that the customers information is safe and does not reach a third party.

In addition, marketers can also easily see which ads are working well and which are not. earlier if retailers had to monitor how their marketing strategies are doing, they had to conduct surveys. However, now with the beacon technology, retailers can easily know about how their marketing strategies and ads through the beacon technology are impacting consumers.

Transform the Retail market by Targeting customers rightly

Beacon provides retailers with big data. Therefore, retailers can use this data to reach out to customers even outside the store. That is to say, if a customer left the store without making any purchase, retailers can know which areas of the store they were present more. Consequently, they know which items the consumer was interested in. further, retailers can also know if the consumer spent time in the changing room, in case of an apparel store. Consequently, the retailers can plan their marketing strategies accordingly and reach out to the customer. So, in this way beacons are very useful as they have the potential to target the consumers with what they really want and are interested in.        


To conclude, we would like to say that the beacon technology is certainly transforming the retail world. That is to say, now the marketing has reached a new level due to beacons. In short, now retailers are able to practice the location based marketing, which could not have been imagined in the past. So the beacon technology is transforming the retail world in the true sense.

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