Fashion retailers along with other types of businesses are rapidly advancing with time. Moreover, the consumer trends are changing so rapidly that retailers have to adapt themselves according to the customer likes and preferences. In the same vein, fashion retailers also have to keep themselves and their stores up to date so that the customers are able to connect to the brand more. So, fashion stores whose employees are only working as a salesperson is no more acceptable. That is to say, the staff in the fashion stores must also look modern and stylish.

In addition, we are all aware how fashion attracts women. Further, they are emotional when it comes to clothes and fashion. Moreover, it’s not just about buying. That is to say, women get pleased by the service they receive from a brand. Therefore, this is something that stores must consider. Because of the popularity of online shopping, brick and mortar fashion retailers need to find ways that help them connect with their customers more.

How can Fashion Retailers upgrade their staff?  

Below the Teranoid team has come up with some ideas and tips to help fashion retailers upgrade their store employees.

Fashion Retailers need to train their Staff  

Employees should be given training of fashion trends and understanding fashion basics. That is to say, the employees must know about the body shapes and which type of clothing best suits various body shapes. As a result, they shall be able to give the right suggestions while dealing with customers.

Fashion Retailers Employees need to build trust

Certainly, women are looking for suggestions when it comes to fashion. However, they have to build trust with the person who is assisting them, especially if they are getting views from some fashion store. Therefore employees should also be trained in building trust among the customers. That is to say, they should adopt a friendly and nice attitude towards the customers. Moreover, they must also be confident in giving their views. In addition, they must also listen to the customer and not be rigid in their views.

Creating First Impressions

Staff should be trained to greet customers well and know how to attract them. Further, they should be smart enough to understand the customer needs instantly. Moreover, the attendants should make the customers feel relaxed and welcomed as soon as they enter the store. Employees can do so through gestures such as passing smile or making eye contact or even through nice and welcoming words. As a result, customers will be more confident and open to the store attendants and their stylists. The better the stylists’ behavior will be, the more open customers shall be.   

Increase customer data base

Certainly styling is personal for customers. That is to say, the connection between the stylist and the customers in not that of a sales person and a customer, in fact it is more personal. In addition, the stylists will also know details about the customers that they can use later for marketing and promotion purposes. In other words, retailers can personalize the shopping experience of the customers. Moreover, this way retailers can increase customer loyalty which will eventually result in increase in sales and growth in business.  


These days the fashion industry has become huge. Consequently, the customers too have become smart and know what exactly they should wear. Therefore, what fashion retailers can do is, they should provide customers with their personal stylists. As a result, these employees turned stylists should give customers the right advice regarding fashion and maintaining style.  

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