The retail world is full with the news of the Beacon Technology. In addition, most retailers are aware of the technology. For those of you, who are not yet aware of the term, this article will help you understand the beacon technology and what its use is for retailers. Certainly, our aim is to help retailers prosper and do better, therefore the Teranoid team has come with an introductory article on Beacons.   

What is the Beacon Technology?

Beacons are devices that work based on the Bluetooth instilled in them. This device transmits the data and then passes it on to the other Bluetooth enabled devices. These gadgets are really small in size. That is to say, they can easily fit in the person’s palm. Further, these devices are smart enough to transmit data from Bluetooth enabled devices such as smart phones, tablets etc. As a result, they send customized messages to the devices for marketing purposes.

What retailers can do is that they can install the Beacon technology in their stores. Further, retailers can send messages to the customers according to their preferences and demands. For example, when a customer enters the shop, retailers can send them welcome messages. If they are leaving the store, they can send them goodbye message and a message that says “hope to see you again.” In the same way, retailers can also send messages to customers about products based on their previous purchases.

In addition to just in-store messaging, Beacon technology is way more than that. That is to say, they can also be used for contactless payment and automatic check-in.

Should Retailers opt for the Beacon Technology?  

Beacon technology is a very advanced form of technology. Further, the retailers that are making use of it are finding the product very useful. That is to say, certainly, the stores that are using this technology are receiving better customer response. In addition, I would highly focus on the fact that the customer today is modern and smart. Consequently, they do not mind the use of such technology. In fact, they appreciate such stores that are advanced and up to date.     

How can Retailers use the Beacon Technology?

For retailers to use the beacon technology in store, they need to use the apps that enable the beacon technology. The app must be installed in the customer’s phone. Although, the customer can develop app of their own to make the process work. However, if retailers are not that well established and also if it’s a bit tricky for them to do so, they can simply use the Beacon enabling apps.

Implementing the Beacon Technology in Stores

Retailers can implement beacons in their stores by following the below mentioned tips.

Testing the Beacon Technology

Certainly, retailers want to use the right product. So, they must test the product before practically using it. Retailers need to ensure that the beacon must work throughout the store. Further, they also need to ensure that they receive the data that they require. Certainly, retailers do not want the gadget to not work properly. As a result of a weak system, customers will get frustrated and this will further result in losing sales.    

Staff Training with the Beacon Technology

The Beacon technology is mostly automated. That is to say, it works on its own. However, retailers and the employees must not leave it on its own due to its self-sufficing feature. So, retailers need to ensure that the staff is well trained because they must know how the gadget works. Further, they must also know how to derive data from beacons and know what more can it do for them.


These are the two most essential factors when it comes to effectively using the beacon technology in retail stores. So, this was a brief introduction on the technology. However, in the preceding article, we shall discuss if the beacon technology has the power and potential to transform the retail market or not. So, keep reading and let us know what else you would like to know about.

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