The cases of COVID-19 are rapidly increasing. As a result, many industries are facing a setback due to the pandemic. That is to say, they are impacting the daily business operations and sales. Moreover, restaurants are facing a loss in their sales and business the most. In other words, because of social distancing, people are restricted to their homes. Consequently, there are no chances that they will socialize and hang out. Further governments have also banned on-site eating and promoted social distancing.

Impact of Social Distancing on Restaurants

Because of Coronavirus, countries, and governments have gone on lockdown. Consequently, on-premise operations of restaurants have also limited and closed. Further restaurants are also turning to drive-through, online ordering. Moreover, they are promoting contactless payments to avoid the spread of the virus as much as possible.     

People are also practicing Social Distancing and Avoiding Socializing

Certainly, people are avoiding public places such as malls, restaurants and shopping centers. Therefore the table service restaurants are facing difficulty the most in generating revenues.

Third-party delivery options

Third-party delivery options are popular these days. Moreover, these third party delivery options are removing fees for deliveries in this time of social distancing. Further many restaurants are adjusting their menus and operations according to the situation. Further many restaurants are also focusing on delivering food to their customers through these third-party delivery providers.

Inform the customers about your delivery and order taking plans

Restaurants should further talk about their delivery and order taking plans on their social media accounts. So, the customers do not find it difficult to place orders and receive orders.

No contact Delivery Options 

Restaurants understand the significance of social distancing. Therefore they are offering no contact delivery option as well. Certainly, restaurants are trying to limit the contact among people as much as they can. As a result, there are fewer chances of the virus being spread. Further restaurants should also take preventive delivery measures such as delivering food to the consumers at their homes. Secondly leaving the food bags at the doorstep, instead of coming in contact with the customer. Thirdly they can also ask their customers to guide them as to where they want the food to be delivered or placed.

Taking care of the Delivery persons

Certainly, the restaurants should also take care of their delivery persons because if they would completely abandon delivery to their customers, they would not be able to survive. Therefore what restaurants can do is: they can provide hand sanitizers, gloves, and masks to their employees. Further, they should also provide financial help to their staff members and delivery persons who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and are not able to work.

Train the delivery people about Safety Measures

Further companies and restaurants are also training their delivery people as to what precautionary measures they can take while delivering to the customers. That is to say, they should be properly trained and well informed about the pandemic and should be able to protect themselves and the customers as much as they can.    

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