Although the concept of personalization is not new to retailers, there still are retailers that are missing out on this very important aspect. That is to say, they lack in providing good customer service to the customers. Certainly, the customers expect their shopping experience to be more personalized than it currently is. In other words, customers expect that retailers should appreciate their loyalty. Further, they should also give rewards and promotions to them based on their personalization experience. Therefore retailers should try to make the customer experience personalized so that they feel connected to the brand.

Personalization Tips for Retailers

In case retailers are struggling to implement personalization in their store, they do not need to worry. The Teranoid team has compiled for them a few very effective personalization tips that shall help them immensely in enhancing their personalization procedure.  

Personalized Notes

Personalization certainly does not require the use of technology at all times. That is to say, customers want to see that the brands they visit are thoughtful and concerned. Therefore a thoughtful gesture on the part of retailers is very important. Consequently, it shall strike customers and will be a reason for their loyalty towards the brand. So retailers can send handwritten notes to their customers after they purchase a product. That is to say, they can share their experience of how delighted they were to attend to them. Moreover, they can also mention that they are looking forward to their experience yet again. In addition, retailers can also try other personalize ideas in their store. Retailers should identify their regular and best customers. Consequently, they can send personalization notes to them.

“Personalization happens when a marketer or salesperson can take a piece of content and make it more useful for a specific prospect or customer.”

–John Jantsch (Marketing Consultant)

Remember the Customer Size

Another significant personalization tip is to remember the size of regular customers. That is to say, the retailers can remember the size of the customers based on their previous purchases, whether online or offline. However, in case of online shopping, retailers can select the size of the customer before they even decide to purchase. This will give the customers good shopping experience. On the other hand, in case of is store experience, retailers can trace the customer experience through CRM. CRM can create customer profiles. Therefore when frequent and regular customers visit them, they can assist them accordingly.     

Product Recommendation

Certainly, retailers should also ensure that the email sent to the customers is also personalized. In other words, this does not simply mean mentioning the name of the customer. This means the content of each email should be personalized according to the customer’s previous purchase history. Therefore in case retailers are not doing that, they should start working on this immediately. They should send emails suggesting products to customers based on their previous purchases.

In case retailers can group together customers with relevant and same choices, they can create similar content to them and send them accordingly. For example, retailers can send holiday greetings to their customers. These greetings do not need to be very unique.  

Knowing the Shopper is essential for Personalization

Employees can help customers and assist them. That is to say, they should ask the customer if they need anything. Further, the employees should have full knowledge of the store products so that they can help customers choose the product that they need. Consequently, this will make the customer experience exceptional. Further, it will give customers the feeling that the store cares for their needs and is supportive. As a result, customers are able to buy the product easily if there are people to assist them.

Moreover, the facility to test the products gives customers the freedom to buy the product contently. Moreover, the employee should also ask for the customer details to create their profiles. Consequently, these profiles will help customers as well as the store to effectively provide customer service to the clients. However, the key to this is to have trained and well-informed employees so they are able to deal with customers effectively. Further retailers should ensure that their employees are good listeners. Moreover, they should be vigilant and active and always ready to assist the customers.


To conclude customers remember the stores and places that provided them with personalization experience, just as Wayne Newton has rightly said,

“I miss the personalization that Vegas was – there were showroom captains and all the dealers knew the gamblers by their first names.”

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