Afterpay is a practice that allows customers to shop while they shall pay later. Moreover, the later payment is free from any interest and extra added price. In short, customers will simply pay the product amount that they bought, later in installments.

In the competitive retail world, it is imperative that retailers provide facilities to their customers. That is to say, retailers should provide convenience and budget-friendly services to their customers. Therefore retailers should help their customers in managing the budget while they plan to shop. Consequently, customers will be able to shop freely. Further, it will bring in the element of trust and loyalty. Therefore for this reason retailers can implement afterpay in their stores.

Afterpay provides convenience to customers. That is to say, they can buy their products in time without worrying about paying the full payment at the time of purchase.

Tips to implement Afterpay in stores

Use appropriate Afterpay Signage

The customers will not know about the afterpay, if they are not informed properly. Therefore, it is a convenient way to inform customers that the store offers the facility of afterpay. Further, the material required for signage is easily accessible to retailers. Therefore retailers can take help from the online information available. Consequently, they should implement the signage in their stores.

Firstly retailers can implement signage at the front door that simply states that the store offers after pay. Secondly, retailers should implement more signage in stores that mentions details of the after pay. For example how it works and what is its procedure. Further, if retailers plan to give postcards to customers in their shopping bags, they can give more details on it. That is to say, they can add its benefits and uses.

Educate Employees about Afterpay

Employees play a significant role in dealing with customers and enhancing sales. Therefore it is essential that employees are trained properly about afterpay. if they are completely new to it, then educate them with how the afterpay works. Further, they should know well the advantages of afterpay. Moreover, retailers can implement conversing with their employees about the afterpay. The best way to acquaint someone with something is to talk to them about it. In other words, the more people converse about something, the more people are educated towards it. In short, role-playing is a very effective technique when educating someone. Moreover, retailers should always welcome questions relating to afterpay.  

Use Afterpay to promote Sales

Retailers can use Afterpay to promote sales in their stores. That is to say, they can promote up-selling and cross-selling while promoting afterpay. Certainly, retailers are not willing to buy extra products, most importantly because of their price. However, if employees inform them that they can pay in installments for the product will relieve them. Consequently, they shall easily invest in the product without stressing. In addition, retailers and employees can intentionally add the conversation of afterpay while the customers shop. That is to say, they can promote related and corresponding items to the shopper while offering them to pay later.       

Be more accessible & Obvious

After pay is becoming popular gradually. Therefore retailers should inform their customers more about after pay. In short, the customers are in search of such stores that offer after pay. Another significant way that retailers can use to promote the store’s after pay is to get their store enrolled in the list of stores that offer After pay. It can simply require retailers to fill the form to get themselves registered in the name of companies that offer after pay.

Use afterpay to promote the brand

Retailers can promote afterpay in their promotional strategies. In case retailers are promoting seasonal promotions, they can use promote afterpay along with it. Further, if retailers are promoting themselves on social media, they can add hashtags of afterpay that shall promote their store and their inform the customers more about afterpay and their store.

Moreover, there are separate after pay events and holidays. In these events, retailers promote after pay. As a result, retailers offer great deals to customers through the after pay season.  Further, they also promote holiday season, for example, black Friday and several other such seasonal promotions.


After pay is a technique that is beneficial for both retailers and consumers. Further, it is evolving rapidly with the passing time. Therefore if retailers are lagging behind in offering after pay in their stores, they must start offering it in stores immediately. Further, if retailers are offering after pay in their stores, they should start promoting it more. As mentioned earlier, customers are in look for such stores that offer after pay. In addition, if retailers use an After pay integrated POS system, it will make the process more convenient and simplified for the retailers.    

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