We have updated this article according to the Coronavirus times. Certainly, brand marketing is essential in this time because otherwise, businesses are losing their focus and direction. Therefore brand marketing through email should be a part of the retailers’ marketing strategy at this time. Further because of social distancing, retailers must focus more on marketing brand through email and other online platforms.

Tips on Brand Marketing through Email

Let’s see below what are the tips that retailers can apply that shall help them market their brand through email.

Brand Marketing Tip #1

Certainly retailers need to get the online customers onto the mailing lists. That is to say, each visitor is equally important. Therefore retailers must not lose on any customer. So, retailers must come up with creative brand marketing ways to encourage the customers to get themselves into the mailing list. For example there are brands that attract customers by asking them to sign up so that they receive updates of the new stock and sales. Further there are also retailers and businesses who offer discount to the customers who sign up for the email.  

Brand Marketing Tip #2

In case businesses are trading offline, they should collect customer data in the store. That is to say, retailers should get customer email addresses. As a result, this will help grow customer base. In other words, by having their email details, retailers will be able to remain in contact with their customers even while they are not in stores. Therefore the best and most effective way to do this is to collect customer email addresses at the checkout time. To clarify, a good Point of Sale System comes with such features. In other words, it is able to collect customer details. Moreover, retailers can use loyalty programs so that customers give in their contact details.

Also this all would have been saved in the POS System in the times when customers used to visit the store. As a result, retailers can use the saved customer profiles to use it in these crucial times.      

Brand Marketing Tip #3

Certainly brands have huge social media followings. Therefore this is also one of the most effective ways to get these followers to sign up as well. For example, brands can post their updates about signing up on their social media pages or stories. Further they can provide a link along with it so customers simply click the link and sign up.

Brand Marketing Tip #4

The content in brand marketing through email is certainly of great significance. Therefore marketing teams must know their customers well, so that they are able to send them the messages that are relevant to them. Firstly, the messages should be relevant to the current situation. That is to say, the situation that might be prevailing in the country or in the world in general. For example, the current situation today is of the pandemic and its consequences on the business and in general on the customers. Further the messages should be according to it. Moreover, in today’s time where the entire world is being affected by Coronavirus, businesses should send messages that are helpful and relatable.

“Personalisation – it is not about first/last name. It’s about relevant content.”
-Dan Jak

Brand Marketing Tip #5

A very significant component of brand marketing through Email is value. That is to say emails should offer value. For example, providing useful tips, along with entertaining the customers. Moreover brands should be aware that the sole purpose of brand marketing through email is driving sales and revenue. Therefore they should know the language that they should use. In other words, it should neither be too sales oriented and anxious, nor should it be completely off track. 

“Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches – at scale.”
-David Newman

Brand Marketing Tip #6

Timing is another essential component of brand marketing through email. In other words, retailers will have to figure out what time of the day is right to send emails. However, this depends on the customers and their routines to a great extent. So, although brands might require time but they shall figure out the best time to send emails to the customers. 

Brand Marketing Tip #7

Brands should remain in contact with their customers. Therefore they should send emails to their customers once a week. As a result, they shall not just engage customers but also draw traffic online and increase revenue.

Hence, to conclude, Brand Marketing through email is one of the most significant ways that brands should adopt for promotion. As a result, they will be able to drive traffic and build strong relations with the customers.    

“If you are not seeing the email channel as a money making machine, you have the wrong strategy.”
–Hans Smellinckx

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