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The Book shop industry needs to keep track of every book issued, bought or ran out. It is crucial for them to have an Android POS set up to run the book shop smoothly and efficiently. Teranoid in this case is a real savior. The features Teranoid Android POS offers are quite convenient. Let’s look at some of the prominent features of Teranoid Android POS which greatly contribute in running your book shop smartly.

Manage Large Inventory of Books Pos System Software

Teranoid Android POS System software allows your book shop to keep a close track of the inventory. It allows you to add, remove or edit books quite easily from your database. The software allows you to keep a track of your catalog along with the prices and quantities. It helps you in managing the stock by sending stock alert and reordering time.
You can simply add or remove any item from the inventory in seconds. Secondly, you can import the entire catalogues as well in the new system. Moreover, easily sort the inventory through genre, author, theme etc. So managing books has become a lot easier with Android POS App.

Barcode Scanner

Moreover, the Teranoid Android POS system Software has a barcode scanner as well. The barcode scanner permits the cashier to look up the details of the book purchased right at the checkout counter. This smoothens the procedure for both the book seller and the buyer. Barcode is certainly an essential part of the book stores. That is to say, you certainly need barcode scanner because there are large inventories when it comes to book stores, so managing them is an equally important and big task. No book store can manage their inventories manually. Even if they are doing so, it is very difficult. So get the Teranoid Android POS that comes with barcode scanner, aimed at making the lives of the book store owners and managers easy.

 Make your Book Shop Global

With the Teranoid Android POS system, make your book shop global. Make an online book store and easily manage it through our Android POS. It takes you online and makes you available for a wider audience. You can upload your entire catalog on your online store and cater orders via the Teranoid Android POS. The POS allows the customers to place order and pay via credit, debit, or online transfer. This helps expand your book store by growing your customer base. You can efficiently generate much improved revenues by using the Teranoid Android POS software.
Now simply manage the brick and mortar store, as well as your online store through the same platform. Further, our Android POS helps sync the online store with the brick and mortar store. Consequently, you do not have to manage both the stores separately. You can simply manage both through our Android POS.
Further, online order taking is also available with the Teranoid online ordering Android POS app. That is to say, you can simply provide customers with the facility of online ordering. They will simply select the book of their choice and place order easily by sitting at homes through their mobiles. So, provide this facility as well to your customers simply through our Android POS App.       

Detailed Analytical Report with Pos System Software

The Teranoid Android POS generates detailed analytical reports on the transactions. It highlights the best seller, best book, genre or most reviewed books in your catalog. This helps the book stores to focus on the demanded author or types of books. The detailed reports also send quick alerts to inform when to restock the demanded genre. The reports also help the book seller in choosing authors and books according to the past sales.

Connect with your Customers

When at the checkout counter do not forget to take the details of your customers. Take their contact information and enter it into your Teranoid Android POS. Later on, you can use this information to stay connected with you customers. Send them discount alerts, special offers or gift cards of your book store to manage your loyal customers.
The Android POS helps you remain in touch with your customers. Further, it also helps give good service to the customers as they are continuously informed about the latest books in stock, offers etc., and this is what customers are looking for these days in the stores that they shop from. So keep them engaged and informed about your store with the help of Teranoid Android POS App. This will not just make the customer happy, but will also help increase you sales.   

Cloud based Android POS

With our Android POS Solution, you can have access to your one or more stores, no matter wherever you are. In other words, you can simply manage the book store from anywhere else. You can have the details of the store’s progress even if you are not present at the store. Now you no more need to stay in the book store, in order to monitor the store’s proceedings. You can simply manage the store from elsewhere. Secondly, you can manage multiple stores from the same portal easily and that too from anywhere else. That is to say, manage all your book stores simultaneously. Get to know the store’s progress, inventory details, sales and reports through the Teranoid Android POS App and access it from anywhere.  
Moreover, know how your staff is performing through the Android POS System Software. It not only informs the book store owners about the business’ performance. It also helps them manage their store’s staff and monitor their performance.

Varied Payment Methods with pos System Software

Teranoid Android POS accepts multiple payment methods. It allows customers to pay through whatever means they find comfortable and suitable. For example, payment through card, cash, online payments, mobile payment etc. This allows customers to purchase a book even when they are running short on cash. This allows your book shop to generate more revenue than usual.
So what are you waiting for! Get the Teranoid Android POS System Software and grow your book shop!