Stock Level Alerts

The Teranoid POS has proved to be the Best POS System as it is highly advanced and fast. It has the ability to manage the inventory and keep track of the stock. The timely inventory management through the POS System allows the business to be aware of the inventory details.
Teranoid; the Best POS System, being superfast, quickly calculates the quantity of product sold and available. This feature allows the business to know about the exact quantity of product available at hand. This way the POS system easily identifies the alerts. This alert is usually based on minimum quantity of stock. Whenever the stock falls down to a certain number below the required quantity, the POS instantly notifies and alerts managers about the stock levels.
This informs business owners and managers about the stock running out. As a result, businesses need to purchase the products and the goods. So, basically the stock alert gives the business a notice to resupply the inventory before businesses suffers heavy losses due to shortage of products.

Purchase Order

Purchase orders are business documents which are issued by a buyer to a seller. These documents basically come with the types, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services. Teranoid POS; certainly the best POS System helps the business in generating purchase orders. Businesses usually use this document to control the purchasing of products and services from external suppliers.
So, by keeping a close track of the inventory, the POS creates the purchase order based on the product demand. The POS calculates different factors by questioning the product demand i.e. which product runs out quickly, which product lasts for months on shelves, which product is essential etc. By calculating all of it, it generates an efficient purchase order for the business. This helps the business to order what is actually needed. It accurately mentions the required quantity, the demanded type/ brand, the quoted price etc. This way the POS keeps a proper check over the stock purchased.
The POS generated purchase order keeps track of the payment and ensures that the business is not over charged. The purchase order also ensures that business receives what is ordered and that too in the right amount and place. This manages the inventory really well and helps the business in keeping a count of all the assets flowing in and out.
The inventory management method of Teranoid POS makes it the Best POS System that informs businesses about the restocking and right management of inventory. This enables businesses to keep up with the sales smoothly without any disruption.

Stock Transfers Best POS System

The Best POS System works as a stock transfer agent. It has the ability to transfer the stocks from one store to another. The Teranoid POS makes it simpler and easier to transfer the inventory between different stocking locations. This increases the efficiency of the business by reducing the time to purchase stock for every other store. The Teranoid POS allows the business to calculate the required quantity of stock at all the outlets around the area or the city. The business can then sum it up and generate the purchase order for the total inventory required.
The total inventory can be received at a central location i.e. the warehouse of the business. After the business has received the total inventory, it can make use of the transfer advice report generated by the POS about the stock requirement for each store. By using the transfer advice report, the business can easily allocate and transfer the stock to its different outlets. This makes it quite convenient for businesses to figure out the distribution on its own. This way the business also cherishes the benefit of transferring the stocks and allocating it internally without getting a stock transfer agent on board.

Multi Store Inventory

It will not be wrong to say that Teranoid has proved to be the Best POS System as it enables the store owners to multi-task and manage multiple stores at a time. The POS software has the ability to track the stock or a certain product anywhere and anytime in any of the store chains.
The point of sale system has a feature to check the available stock in each and every store. It can easily track the available stock and products, both in total and in individual outlets too. Because of this feature, the POS can inform about the stock and provide update to the store manager. This way the Teranoid Point of Sale System plays a vital role when a product is not available in a store, and the customer needs it.
By using the multi store inventory, the store manager can quickly run the POS to find out if that product is available in any of the other outlet of their store. If the product is available, they quickly refer the customer to that outlet or rather order the product to their outlet. If in case, the product is not available, it gives stock alert to the business so that they can reorder the item. This implies that store owners can easily search their demanded products in any of its stores simply through the POS System.

Stock Reports Best POS System

The Teranoid POS has an additional feature of generating the stock report as well. A stock report is a report that comprises of all the essential data which is usually required by the investors. Investors, normally, go through the stock reports of the business before investing their money. The stock report comes with all the key data and summarize it in one page. This report is then presented to the investors who then foresee how the business will do in future and whether it is worth investing in this business. \
The Teranoid POS does not only manage the inventory in terms of giving stock alerts, generating purchase orders or managing multiple stores, rather it helps the business grow and flourish as well. It is the Best POS System which helps the business generate the stock report. And then the generated stock report decides and foretells how well the business is doing in terms of selling stock, generating healthy revenues and resupplying the stock back. This indicates that a POS is highly important in maintaining and managing the business inventory.