Android POS

Android POS Systems are easy to handle and are the need of businesses today. With the Android POS, managing business has become way easier and convenient for business owners.

android pos

We do realize the significance of Android POS and the need of businesses to adopt this simple form of POS System. Therefore, the Teranoid Android POS software has been planned and developed after doing thorough market research and knowing what the businesses demand. Teranoid is not just compact and portable, but is highly easy to use and has been built keeping in plan the customer’s needs and demands.
Teranoid is not just a leading Android POS company, in fact it is a growth partner that is meant to take the burden of the business owners and manage all their affairs. In other words, the tasks that businesses handled manually are simply automated through the Teranoid Android POS App. This greatly help simplify the business operations and tasks.

Why Android POS App?

POS Systems have been created in android as well as in iOS. However, the reason behind Teranoid’s choice of making it an Android POS was that it is more flexible. Secondly, the functionality of the Android App give users freedom of choice and an ease that usually the people are accustomed of. Therefore the Teranoid Android App has been designed and planned keeping in mind the users’ ease and comfort. Complex systems are not a good choice for businesses when business owners have to handle large number of tasks on a daily basis. So the Android Point Of Sale System is the best choice for users as they can easily manage and handle the operations. Certainly, the Android POS features are easy to manage.

Sleek and Smart Designed Android Point Of Sale

In addition, its sleek and smart design makes it handy. The large and bulky POS Systems take a lot of the store space. Further, the cashier is hid somewhere behind these large systems. However, with the new tablet based Android POS, there is no need to spare extra space in the store for big POS Systems. The Teranoid Android Point Of Sale is smart, portable and modernly designed. As a result, this helps better the customer service as the cashier and employer can deal with the customer in a better and more effective manner. Instead of hiding behind big Point Of Sale Systems, now you can better converse with the customers and give them exceptional customer service, which is what your customers expect.
In addition, our Android Point Of Sale System comes with a customer display, which is even better for the customers. Now the customers can view the entire transaction process, which eliminates all chances of errors. Now the customers know exactly how much each product costs and the addition of the items in the cart. Therefore in a market where competition is extremely high, giving customers exceptional service is a plus point.

Data Collection Ability

With the Android Point Of Sale System, the functionalities and management system gather huge, useful and extensive data. Certainly we aware of the importance of big data and how essential it is for companies. Therefore we certainly need data analytics and statistics to have better understating of the business and get useful insights. Learn better about your customers and make effective decisions regarding your business and customers. Produce more revenue through the Teranoid Android Point Of Sale System as it gathers significant and valuable business data for you!