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Teranoid have come up with the QR Code Scanner that promotes contactless ordering. Help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by promoting contactless ordering.

How is that possible?

Well, menu in the restaurants is the most significant feature for the customers. In short, the customers come directly in contact with the restaurant menu as they cannot place orders without going through the entire menus which are usually in paper form. However, in the current times, think of something different. That is to say, promote contactless ordering in your restaurants not only to make your system advanced but also to become the reason in preventing COVID-19. Promote Contactless Ordering to help prevent COVID-19  The menu card can certainly not be sanitized and we understand how difficult it is for the restaurant owners and the customers to place orders and promote cleanliness and safety in their restaurants. Therefore we at Teranoid have come up with the QR Code Scanning that promotes contactless ordering. The customer will place their orders easily by scanning the QR Code through their mobile phones. Customers will now simply scan the QR Code and the menu will appear on their mobile phones. Consequently, they can simply place their orders through their mobile phones simply through QR Scanner. This certainly does not cost any money at all. That is to say, the restaurants will not have to put in extra effort and money in investing in contactless ordering. They simply have to look for QR Code Scanning feature that will present the menu on the customer mobiles and the ordering placing and taking procedure will become simple and convenient.How Contactless Ordering works through the QR Code Scanning

Step 1

The QR Code will be placed on each table

Step 2

The customer will scan the QR Code through their mobile phones

Step 3

The customer will browse the menu without downloading any app

Step 4

Customer will place the order through the menu and the restaurant will receive the order on their POS System

step 5

Customer will place the order through the menu and the restaurant will receive the order on their POS SystemThe customer can also pay online in addition to just contactless ordering

Benefits of Online Ordering

There is no need for printed menus

Very practical and effective as cross selling and up selling is promoted through Contactless Ordering. It is through the images, videos and ordering procedure that the customers are enticed to order more Modern and up to date system which is what the customer demand. The waiters do not receive the orders, which makes the working environment more relaxed. As a result, they focus more on providing customers with extraordinary service; focusing on things that otherwise are important
Simple and easy to use Contactless Ordering system, which makes the ordering process simple and fun

No need to download extra app on the mobile phones

The Teranoid QR Code scanner App can also be upgraded to meet your needs. Our backend team is always ready to make your system up to date and customized based on your restaurant needs. Provide your customers with quick service restaurant. Our QR scanner ordering system can easily be integrated with the POS System.