waiter app

Waiter App

The Waiter App is used by the waiters in the restaurant as the name suggests. The Waiter apps allow your waiters to receive customer orders and manage them easily. Now the waiters will have their order taking system digitized. The Teranoid POS System is a next generation POS System.

With the Teranoid Waiter App, waiters can receive alerts on bill requests and about the orders that are pending and that need to be served to the customers. Consequently, the waiters can send orders to the kitchen instantly using the Waiter Apps. Relieve your staff from continuous bell calls, hand waves and shouts. Simply use the Teranoid Waiter’s App and make the order taking, meal preparation, and serving procedure simple and convenient.  
The Teranoid Waiter App makes the order taking procedure easy for the restaurant. Certainly, the Waiter Apps make the dine-in and take away orders simple and easy to manage and process. Consequently, the orders are delivered accurately through the Waiter App as the management of the orders is made systematic. The Teranoid Waiter App is integrated with the Teranoid POS System. It functions properly on Android devices.

Works Offline

The Teranoid Waiter App takes the orders online as well as off line. Even if there is no internet connection, the App functions perfectly fine. So, none of the operations and proceedings get disturbed and the proceedings go smooth. This makes the Teranoid Waiter’s App highly smart and practical that is robust and one that will never let the business face a loss.     

Accurate Orders

The Teranoid Waiter App lets the waiters note every detail of the order precisely. As a result, the customers get their orders perfect and accurate. Therefore, the order serving and deliveries become error-free. Perfect and accurate orders lead to happy customers and that is what marks the strength of the business. The better the customers will be, the more successful the business will be.

Printing through the Waiters App

With the Waiter Apps, the waiters can print receipts, orders, etc., simply through their mobile phones. The printer can be integrated with the Waiter App and the POS System, making the printing process extremely simple and convenient. By staying at one place, the waiters can process the printing at their fingertips.

Give better service to the customers through the Waiter App

It is through the Waiter’s App that you eliminate manually handling of orders and the order taking procedure. Now you give your customers exceptional experience as they will place their orders through the online ordering app and consequently the waiters will receive the orders on the waiter apps. Because the entire system will be digitized, therefore this will highly impact the customer service experience. Customers certainly want to visit such places that are modern. Therefore having such advanced and uncommon systems in your restaurant will certainly make the customers love your restaurant. As a result, this will affect the sales as more and more customers will visit your restaurant. Further, the customers will also recommend your restaurant to other people as well.