Certainly retailers across the world are affected by the Operation Shutdown due to COVID-19. Further there are chances that almost all retailers’ stores are closed by now. In this article we shall discuss the checklist that retailers should thoroughly go through before and during the operation shutdown of their store.  

Checklist for Store during Operation Shutdown

  • Check the Store

Retailers should check their store properly before they close their store. That is to say, they should check all areas of their stores. Further they need to ensure that nothing essential goes missed or unchecked before the operation shutdown.

  • Cleaning before Operation Shutdown

Cleaning is essential before operation shutdown. Because when the store will be closed, there are chances that dirt will spread over the entire place and products. Therefore cleaning the store thoroughly is essential. Also, retailers now have the time for deep cleaning, which they would not have otherwise.  

  • Be prepared for the operation shutdown to end

The situation is very uncertain. Therefore we are not aware of when things will get back to normal. So, retailers should be prepared because they never know when they shall receive the clear message. Moreover retailers should empty their stock rooms. That is to say, the stock should be placed on the display. Further retailers can also utilize this time to clean and reorganize their stock room.   

  • Take pictures of the store before Operation Shutdown

By taking pictures, retailers will know what the store looked like when they closed it. Consequently these pictures will help retailers in case something unpleasant happens.

  • Switch off the Electronics during Operation Shutdown

All the electronic devices used in the store should be turned off. For example, POS System, computers, televisions, inventory management tools or any other form of technological device sued in the store.

  • Inform Customers about the Operation Shutdown

Certainly retailers have to take care of the customers even in times of shutdown. Therefore they need to inform their customers about the dates that they shall be closed. Further if they are uncertain of the date when the store will b reopened as in the current situation, they can simply mention them that the store will remain closed till further notice. Firstly they should place the sign outside their door. Secondly, they should inform the customers through social media channels. Thirdly they should send text messages or email to their customers to show them that you care about them.

Store Security during the Operation Shutdown  

There are many cases of stores being robbed because of closure. Therefore retailers need to take care of the security of their store. Firstly they need to ensure that their security system and surveillance cameras are in order. Secondly they should ensure that there are no personal and valuable belongings in their store during operation shutdown. Further they should not keep any cash, mobile phones, laptops etc.  in the store during lockdown.

  • Deposit cash in the bank

Retailers should take all the cash from their stores and deposit it in the bank. Further they should take their credit cards and cheque book to their homes.    

Watch the Finances during the Operation Shutdown

Cut down on expenses

Retailers need to evaluate their spending. That is to say, they should stop spending money on things that are not that important in the current situation. Further services should also be suspended, in case the business can do without them in the current scenario.  

  • Company Insurance

Retailers must investigate from their insurance companies how they can help in this time of COVID-19. Certainly there might be some policies that shall be part of the insurance that will help companies in this time.

Communication with Customers is essential during the Operation Shutdown

Remaining in contact with the customer is essential during the lockdown. That is to say, they should feel that because the business is down and closed, retailers no more need them. Therefore retailers should keep their customers engaged by communicating with them and keeping them up to date with the current situation.  


To conclude retailers should follow the above mentioned tips. They shall greatly help retailers in managing their business well during the operation shutdown.   

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