It is an undeniable fact that the common aspiration of all retailers is to make profit and increase sales. However, if the sales team does not perform effectively, there is a possibility that the employees need professional staff training that results in productive outcomes. In short, there are certain ways that retailers can follow to train their staff. As a result, the staff will be a means to boost sales through improved and proficient training.

Look for the Employees Innate Attitude

Retailers cannot train the staff entirely based on teaching methods. That is to say, apart from training, the innate attitude and manner of the staff members also count a lot. Therefore the key is to hire individuals with the right attitude because it is easier to train an employee who is ready to take in the knowledge that retailers provide them with and is open to learning. On the other hand, it is hardly possible to transform a person who is difficult, unmanageable and has a negative manner.

In the same vein, W. Clement Stone; an American businessman and philanthropist, states, while mentioning the attitudes of the salesperson and its effect on the sales;

“Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman – not the attitude of the prospect.”

To sum up, retailers should ensure to look at the employees’ nature and temperament while hiring them. Certainly, it is of more value, than, experience and knowledge. Retailers can think of ways that help them understand the individual’s traits and disposition by conducting quizzes and surveys.

Plan Staff Training methods based on Employees’ Calibre and Intellect

Once the retailers have passed the recruitment phase, they should get to know each individual separately and understand how much each individual is ready to take in. Therefore, based on this research, plan the staff training methods accordingly.

Retailers should know each and every detail of the employee, for instance, who they are, what their interests are, and the reason behind their job as a salesperson; is it out of interest or by force. Consequently, retailers will be able to motivate them during staff training by knowing what motivates them to work. Also, the staff training methods can be planned based on the individual’s preferred learning methods.

Training and imparting knowledge are such fields that cannot be achieved successfully without knowing well the learner and their capacity level and intellect. Hence, it is a prerequisite to know the employee well first and to help them master the art of salesmanship in order to expect a boost in sales and profit.

Jeff Hoffman; Chief Evangelist at Global Entrepreneurship Network has rightly said,

“When reps take the role of a curious student rather than an informed expert, buyers are much more inclined to engage.” (Jeff Hoffman )

Use Multiple Learning Methods for Staff Training

Use Multiple Learning Methods for Staff Training

Employees can learn best when they learn through various techniques and methods. The more aspects through which employees are trained, the more productive their learning will be. Consequently, they shall be able to retain that information more.

In short, retailers should use multiple learning methods while training employees, to enable the employees to comprehend and perceive successfully what is being imparted to them.

Retailers can train employees using various methods, for example, interactive method, e-learning training, video training, mentoring, etc. Most importantly, retailers should help employees learn at their own pace and according to their mindset because eventually, it is the employee who is able to learn on their own by putting effort and interest.

“You can’t teach people everything they need to know. The best you can do is position them where they can find what they need to know when they need to know it.”

Seymour Papert

Apply the Role Playing Technique

Role-playing is an essential technique when it comes to training employees to boost sales. It is through role-playing, that the employees get clearer about customer dealing and understand better through practice and implementation.

Graff Retail suggests several ways to enact role-playing amongst employees. Firstly, the retailers should keep role-playing casual by re-enacting sales conversations. Secondly, role-playing can be based on a one-on-one training session. So, it will be just the retailer and the staff member. As a result, it will help boost employee confidence and give them the freedom to learn. Thirdly, act out both the accepted as well as the unaccepted rules and customs. Consequently, this shall help employees understand better how to improve their manner and deal with customers more constructively.

“It’s play that makes people unafraid to fail and confident to try new things. It’s play that helps us do serious things better because we enjoy them and feel a sense of joy in our achievements.”

                                           -Jake Orlowitz; Founder of the Wikipedia Library

Give your Employees Empowerment & Freedom

Retailers should focus on the staff training program. There might be some cases relating to the retailer’s business that do not require hard and fast rules. In other words, there might be some situations in which the employees can perform better if they feel empowered and are given the freedom to be creative, for example, retailers can give employees a free hand while serving and dealing with customers.

Successful British business magnate; Sir Richard Branson states that

“innovation happens when people are given the freedom to ask questions and the resources and power to find the answers.”


Through effective and regular staff training, the sales team will perform better, resulting in a growth in profits and sales. Retailers can get help because it is not necessary that they have to train employees themselves. Outside professionals can be hired for this job. There are a number of trainers out there who plan staff training programs efficiently.

Moreover, it is better if retailers get training from their vendors when it comes to software. These vendors usually provide training about their products and services. As a result, it helps retailers flourish by gaining maximum benefit through the training sessions.

In the same vein, Teranoid conducts regular workshops and training sessions on how to operate and manage sales through the Teranoid POS System. Consequently, it helps train retailers first and then their employees to use the software constructively and to its maximum capacity.     

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