Ways to Improve Employee Performance & Morale

Businesses do not run effectively if the employees are unsatisfied and unhappy. Employee performance and morale play a vital role in the success of a business. In other words, unhappy employees lack in performance as compared to motivated and passionate employees. Therefore, to boost employee performance, company managers and executive officers must encourage and motivate employees to enhance employee performance. Consequently, the entire store atmosphere and functioning shall get better.

Therefore, to help boost employee performance and morale, Teranoid brings a solution for you. Here are a few tips on how to boost employee performance and morale.

Recognize and Commend Employee performance whenever they perform well

One of the best ways to increase employee performance and morale is to recognize and appreciate employees. If employees are contributing to the business, they deserve applaud for it. As a result, recognition makes their performance better and encourages them.

Certainly, business managers and companies need to make it a regular practice to recognize and appreciate employees. Otherwise, the employees start feeling demotivated. As a result, they start reflecting on the lack of encouragement from the company. Hence they gradually lose focus in their work. Therefore, by regularly encouraging employees and through their positive impact on the company, they perform better because they understand how they influence the company goals and are making a mark. Therefore, it is important to let employees know how valuable they are. Moreover, the management team needs to make them aware that they recognize their efforts and appreciate their contribution to the company.

“Recognition is the greatest motivator.”

–Gerard C. Eakedale

Promote Peer to Peer Recognition To Enhance employee performance

Companies should encourage staff members to appreciate each other. Peer to peer recognition is equally important for better employee performance. It is a generally accepted belief that peer recognition is quite effective when it comes to boosting morale. To clarify, the people we work with immensely impact us. Even if we do not admit it, their opinion matters significantly.

Therefore, the management teams need to ensure that they create a positive and supportive work environment. Further, the companies need to promote teamwork and encourage the workers to support and uplift each other. Moreover, the turnover rates can be reduced through a “recognition-rich-culture.”

“To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.”

Douglas Conant

Emphasize on Employee performance by Training and Paying them well

The driving force that motivates employees is not just money, but we can rightly say that it plays a significant role in enhancing employee performance and morale. In other words, retailers with well-trained and well-paid staff have more chances of increased sales as compared to the ones with untrained staff with little wages. In short, training and handsome salary package directly affect employee performance. Consequently, this shall result in better sales and effective management.

The most ideal situation when it comes to reducing expenses is cutting labor wages. However, there is a high chance that by doing so the store operations may suffer. Effective customer management and stock availability are important factors in the growth of sales. Therefore, both these factors are highly dependent on efficient and satisfied staff. So, we can rightly say, by not paying staff well, the management teams discourage employees. As a result, it holds them back from performing competently.

“Employees are asking, ‘Where can I find my own advancement?’ If that means changing companies, that’s what they’re doing. They’re also looking for a work environment that has some flexibility. They’re looking for a better salary and a supervisor who treats them with respect.”

–Gena Champagne

Therefore, training and paying the staff well lead to productive outcomes. Consequently, this results in higher sales.

Listen to Your Employee to improve performance

A simple and easy way to boost employee performance and morale is to listen to them.

“An employee’s motivation is a direct result of the sum of interactions with his or her manager.”

–Bob Nelson

Certainly, the best people to give advice regarding the store’s matters are the working staff. In other words, they are the ones who are well aware of the store’s performance. Consequently, they advise accordingly, for example, the products that are in demand and that must be restocked, or the need to provide technology solutions for customer convenience, such as automated checkouts, digital price tag technology, and a high-quality POS system.

However, the management team must be willing to listen because

“the leaders who don’t listen will eventually be surrounded by people who have nothing to say.”

  –Andy Stanley

To sum up, it is the employees who regularly interact with customers. Therefore, they are aware of their likes, demands, and issues. Further, they are able to identify the areas that need improvement. Therefore, by listening to employees, employee performance and morale is boosted because they feel valued. Secondly, their recommendations can positively impact the business.

Enhance Employees performance with up-to-date tools & gadgets

Companies must invest in up-to-date and effective tools and gadgets. Consequently, this empowers employees because they are trusted with handling the advanced tech. Moreover, advanced gadgets make the store’s management more effective and quick. One of these various effective gadgets could be a good Point of Sale system. That is to say, instead of using outdated cash registers, employees should be empowered by providing them with a good POS system. Consequently, this shall make their job faster and easier.

Therefore, look for effective tools for the store, most importantly, try replacing the outdated cash registers with fast and effective POS system, because it helps drive traffic,

“This promotion will be a definite traffic-driver at retail. Retailers will be featuring some eye-catching POS materials to support the promotion and we’ve made the whole process easy for any retailer to get involved.”

–Daniel Dower


It is imperative for organizations to identify and determine the unhappy and demotivated employees. Moreover, they must discover the cause of low employee performance. Consequently, they must implement strategies that help improve employee performance and morale.

The employee performance has a direct effect on customer service, sales and the overall performance of the store. Therefore retailers and company managers must hire appropriate and suitable employees so that the store’s performance does not get affected. Moreover, the managing team must work towards keeping the customers satisfied and happy.

“When our morale goes low, we improve it by increasing our supportive communication, accountability, service quality, acts of kindness, conflict resolution, happy engagement, positive self-talk, time management, productivity, good finder recognition, cohesiveness, passion levels, resilience, and small wins results.”  

–Ty Howard

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