Certainly time management is essential when it comes to handling businesses. Further there are so many tasks that retailers have to look after, therefore retailers find time management difficult. Hence having time management skills is very important when it comes to retail success. That is to say, the one who works in a retail store must be able to effectively manage time so all the essential tasks are completed in time.  

Time Management Tips

Below we have mentioned some essential time management tips that shall help retailers manage their time well and fulfill all their tasks successfully.

Time Management Tip #1: Make To-do lists

Certainly to-do lists help a lot with time management. Further they are simple to create and they do not demand any extra effort. Consequently there is no task that is left undone or forgotten. For this purpose, firstly retailer need to make it a habit that make the to-do list a day before. Consequently, it will help save time on the day when the tasks have to be accomplished. Moreover it will help prepare one’s mind in advance for the next day’s tasks. As a result, the person is more focused and active.

Secondly, retailers need to prioritize their tasks. That is to say, they should see which tasks are more important than the others. Consequently, they should list their tasks. That is to say, the tasks that are most important should be on top of the list and the ones that are of less importance should be at the bottom.

Thirdly, retailers need to see which hours of the day have less traffic. Consequently, they should plan their tasks. That is to say, retailers cannot afford to lose sales and customers while being busy in completing other tasks. So, tasks should be managed according to the customers because sales should not get affected.

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”

Tony Robbins

Time Management Tip #2: Staff Training

Staff training is equally important. Therefore retailers need to see how they can train their staff well. That is to say, retailers cannot afford to waste their time in continuously examining and answering and solving employee queries. Therefore they need to make sure that they invest in staff training courses that shall resolve this matter. As a result, the staff should be competent enough to manage the store on their own without continuously coming to you for help.

Time Management Tip #3: Store Organization

Keeping the store organized and neat saves a lot of time and effort. That is to say, if there are missed items in the due to mismanagement and disorganization, it will take a lot of the retailers’ time and energy. Therefore having an organized and neat store saves a lot of time and helps retailers manage their stock and inventory the right way.   

Secondly retailers need to ensure that they label the boxes and cartons. As a result, they will not find it difficult to search for a product. Also make sure that the slow moving inventory is placed behind and the fast moving inventory is placed at the front of the store.

Time Management Tip #4: Automate Operations

Certainly retailers should use tools that help them in their business. In other words, these tools must be able to streamline their business operations. For example a Point of Sale System simplifies a lot of tasks for retailers. In the same vein, there is inventory management software. It helps in managing inventories effectively and without handling operations manually. Further by operating these tasks, retailer can also reduce their expenses along with saving their time.     

“A plan is what, a schedule is when. It takes both a plan and a schedule to get things done.”

Peter Turla

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