Supply chain management is one of the most essential components of retail. Certainly the biggest setback in retail is losing sales because of being out of stock. Also, along with growth come great retail challenges. That is to say, retailers have to manage well their retail business across all channels. For example, the availability of the products, managing inventory, effectively coordinating with vendors, etc. Retailers manage in-store tasks along with online orders. However, the solution to solving all these issues is managing supply chain management well.

Significance of Supply Chain Management for Retailers

Should retailers be involved in Supply Chain Management? Well, the answer to this is certainly yes. Firstly because it helps retailers understand and know the product quality. Secondly, it helps retailers manage inventory levels. Thirdly, it lets retailers manage their expenses well. In other words, it is through better knowledge of Supply Chain Management that retailers are able to reduce their expenses. Further, their delivery and services are enhanced because of inventory control, distribution and sales. Therefore it is essential that retailers get involved in Supply Chain Management so they add value to their business and stay ahead of the game. 

Supply Chain Management Practices

In this article, we shall discuss the best Supply Chain Management practices that retailers can adopt. The tips below shall help guide retailers about how they can effectively manage and implement Supply Chain Managements in their stores. 

Supply Chain Management Council

Businesses are certainly in need of leaders. Therefore without a Supply Chain Management’s council, the supply chain management will not perform the way it should perform because the company will lack a clear vision. So, retailers should try to hire effective Supply Chain Managements leaders. That is to say, retailers need to make a team that manages the supply chain effectively. This can simply be employees of the company that are trained well in the supply chain department.

Proficient Supply Chain Management Staff

As mentioned earlier, the best way to gain effective results from the supply chain management team is to train them properly. That is to say, they should be well-informed about all the aspects of the supply chain. Consequently, the well-trained and well-informed staff will be more productive and effective. Further, these proficient staff members will be able to resolve issues instantly. Certainly, the best the staff will be, the better the customer experience shall be.

Effective & Advanced Supply Chain Management Technology

Certainly, successful retailers update themselves with the advancement in technology. That is to say, successful supply chain managements requires the effective use of technology. For example, effective integration of payments and the effective running of inventory helps in the supply chain. Therefore, such technology must be available that streamlines business operations. As a result, they help simplify the supply chain managements tasks such as a good and advanced POS System. However, retailers should choose the concerned area that requires the use of technology. Consequently, they should choose the required technology. Because of the use of technology, the supply chain managements department shall be able to analyze its proceedings and make better and effective strategies. 

Effective Vendor Relations

One of the most effective and successful retail tips is to have good relations with vendors. That is to say, retailers should think of their vendors as partners because they are essential for the success of the business. Moreover, the most successful businesses share objectives and aims and work together towards achieving them. Further, they also measure improvement and focus on the development and improvement of the business together.

Implement Strategic Sourcing

Retailers should involve more suppliers. These suppliers should help retailers in the decision-making process. That is to say, vendors can help retailers plan and implement future strategies, regarding products. In other words, it is through strategic sourcing that businesses can simplify their operations, reduce their expenses and improve performance.

Contracts & Supply Chain Management

Contracts are significant in retail. Therefore retailers must not forget about them. That is to say, they should make contract managements part of the supply chain. Consequently, contract management is maintained simultaneously and monitored.  


Small business owners might not care about the supply chain managements. However, it is significant for them to implement the above-mentioned strategies, just as large businesses. As a result, it helps improve sales, inventory management and the overall success of the business because,

“It’s not the organizations that are competing. It’s the supply chains that are competing.”

–Wael Safwat

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