In case the retail store does not have enough employees to handle the rush, retailers need to hire more staff members before the holiday season. Some retailers might need to hire more cashiers while some others should hire the floor staff. Moreover, some retailers might need to hire security personnel. However, retailers need to ensure that with the hiring of new employees, there is a chance of internal theft. Therefore, retailers should follow a few tips to secure their store’s internal theft. Firstly, check with the employees’ backgrounds. Secondly, set user permissions in your Point of Sale systems so that employees have limited access to the cash and confidential store information. Further, keep the employees happy, satisfied and motivated so that they do not indulge in internal theft and do not take the store’s safety for granted. In addition, do regular inventory counts. Consequently, it will reduce shrinkage.

Secure your POS System in the Holiday Season from hackers

Big crowds and rush hours can make the POS area really crowded. Therefore, it will increase the possibility of retail crime. Hence, retailers must also take certain measures to secure their POS systems. Firstly, retailers should inspect any tampering activity that takes place. In other words, retailers must take care of any unusual activity that indicates a change in the device and an unusual activity regarding its functioning. Moreover, retailers must ensure that their network too is secure. Retailers should use a separate internet connection for their POS system and must not use the local store internet connection. In addition, retailers should also ensure that they encrypt network data.

Try following the above-mentioned ways and enhance the store’s security and safety in the busy holiday season.

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