Certainly, COVID-19 has changed the entire shopping experience for customers. That is to say, when it comes to physical retail, customers are concerned about the safety measures that retail stores are taking for their customers. Consequently, retailers need to adopt new ways and methods that provide secure and safe shopping experience to customers.

So, while planning a safe retail shopping experience for the customers, retailers first need to plan the store’s layout. In other words, retailers need to focus on spacing and store design because distancing is the most significant factor that concerns people. So, by following the right strategies, retailers can certainly create a safe Retail Shopping experience for the customers.

Tips to create a Safe Retail Shopping Environment for Customers   

Below the Teranoid Inc, has come up with some effective tips that shall help retailers create a safe retail shopping experience for customers. 

Knowing the right Data for Safe shopping experience

First and the foremost thing is to collect the data required for planning. That is to say, retailers need to collect the data that is essential for planning the store layout and safe retail shopping experience. So, for this purpose, retailers need to first see how many customers they can allow in their stores at one time. For this purpose, retailers need to follow the guidelines that the state has ordered when it comes to social distancing. So, keeping that in mind retailers need to plan their store layout.

Secondly, retailers need to be aware of the traffic that their store usually has during peak hours. Further, they also need to know the areas of the store that have the maximum amount of customers. Consequently, retailers will plan their store layout accordingly and position the objects in a way that the customers can easily shop without having to come in contact with others. Although this sounds tricky, but with the right strategies, retailers can manage the customer safety and security. In addition to these, the retailers also need to know the employees that are available in the store. That is to say, because of social distancing, there must not be a lot of employees in the store as this can be the main cause of driving customers away from the store. Therefore, make sure that the store is not full of employees. Further, ensure proper and distant placing of the employees in the store to maintain social distancing.  

Know the customer behavior to create safe shopping experience  

Retailers need to be aware of the customers’ buying journey. In other words, retailers need to be aware of the products in demand. Secondly, retailers also need to be aware of the customer behavior. For example, what do they do when they enter the store? The answers to these questions will help retailers plan their store’s layout as well as the placement of merchandise.  

Following the essential safety measures to create safe shopping experience

Space layout is not just about having a safe and secure layout plan. In fact, it is also about following the safety measures that are essential for retailers, employees, as well as the customers. So, for this purpose, retailers need to implement the health and safety measures in their stores. Further, retailers need to provide hand sanitizers in their stores. Secondly, they also need to make compulsory the wearing of masks before customers enter the stores. Certainly, in the current situation, customer safety and security is essential for retailers. Therefore, they need to change their store layout and shopping behaviors to make the customer comfortable and safe.

In addition to these factors mentioned above, retailers need to keep the store clean and ensure that the rules are followed strictly in their stores. Signage can also be another effective way to promote strict social distancing in the stores.      

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