Retail POS System

Retail POS System ; Retail Store

A highly useful and practical software that will help you run your business smoothly. Manage your business deals effectively through the Teranoid Retail POS System as it makes your business life easier and uncomplicated by giving a strong support. Simplify the extensive business procedures and handle business complexities efficiently and easily!

Effective Transaction Facility

Effective and smooth running of business is every entrepreneur’s aim. Because of Teranoid Retail POS System’s simple transaction facility, it allows business owners to have better control of their business. Fair check and balance can be kept on daily and monthly sale of products, quantity of products left in the warehouse and the profit gained through sales.

Manages Inventories Well

We understand that keeping record of inventory is a must while running retail businesses. Tracking inventories has become simple and easier with our Retail POS System. This leads to future business planning. By managing inventories well you can get a clear idea of your sales. Have confident and proficient future business planning and understand company’s requirements in a better way.
This is one of the most essential features of Teranoid. Track your products easily and get notifications on products that need to be restocked. Always keep products in stock through the Retail POS System. This will keep customers happy because their desired products are never out of stock.
 It is an understood fact that maximum shoppers stop shopping from a store if they cannot get their desired product or if any product is out of stock. So having a good Retail POS System that manages inventories well is a must. You no more need to lose customers now due to unavailability of the stock.
With this Teranoid POS feature, retailers can predict product demand for future. Your sales will be managed well. Moreover, it has the ability to find products that are out of stock from their other stores or from the warehouse. Now enable the items to be delivered to their store or directly to the customer’s house!

Data Usage

The Teranoid Retail POS System has the ability to collect relevant data. This data helps retailers take their business to another level. Retailers have valuable data of their customers, and the Retail POS System keeps track of them. This further helps retailers make loyalty programs and reward-schemes.
Retail is all about customers and customers will certainly stop shopping at a store if they are not recognized as a regular customer. So, avoid such situations that will affect your business and make effective marketing strategies using customer data to keep the customers happy and satisfied. This Retail POS System feature helps retailers target customer demands and needs. Certainly, in today’s highly challenging market, retailers cannot take their customers for granted.

Data Accuracy

The data saved in the Teranoid Retail POS System is accurate. Certainly, this is a very useful feature of the Retail POS System. It is through this data that retailers can plan marketing strategies and provide exceptional customer service. NOW, generate reports in time, manage inventories well and collect essential data with accuracy through Teranoid’s Retail POS System.

Retail POS System Security

Your Retail POS System should be able to secure the organization’s data. That is to say, the data secured in the POS System helps keep company records and confidential data. The TeranoRetail POS System secures valuable company data and records!

Customer Support

We do understand and realize that retailers require customer and technical support. Our Retail Point Of Sale System ensures that our customers are provided with service providers that are competent. We have a responsive and expert customer support team that solves all technical issues anytime.

Sales Reporting & Analytics

Sales reporting and analytics is yet another of the most important features of our Retail Point Of Sale System. This feature allows retailers to analyze their sales income. It also informs retailers about the overall performance of their shop through reports and metrics. Because our Retail POS System provides concrete data, therefore retailers are able to take efficient steps to increase productivity and sales. It reveals the product details that are high in sales and the amount. It further helps retailers enable products that generate maximum revenue. In this way, retailers are never out of stock of such products that drive revenue. This allows retailers to identify their most demanded and money making items. Hence, they can focus on marketing them and make strategies to generate sales.

Customer Management with Retail POS System

This POS feature collects customer’s data relating to their purchase. It helps retailers identify their most valued customers. Customer Management feature further helps retailers build a more emotional and deeper contact with regular buyers. You can also build loyalty programs through Teranoid’s customer management feature.

Customer Facing Display

Our customer facing display is yet another great innovation. It enables customers to witness the entire transaction process. Further, the customers can detect any errors, which makes the entire transaction process seamless. Teranoid’s Customer Facing Display is beneficial for the growth of business as it satisfies customers and customer satisfaction leads to better sales.
Having a customer display increases customer engagement. It leaves a positive impact on the customers because it represents professionalism on the retailer’s part. It further helps retailers gain customer trust and provides them convenience. It has the ability to reduce human errors and continuous modifications at the transaction time. Customers usually need enriching and pleasant experience while shopping and they appreciate retailers that offer them just that.

Live Reporting App

Having insight of sales statistics and to manage the business operations effectively, the Live Reporting App is the solution. Keep track and record of the finances and sales, as it is significant in keeping business in track and understanding the shortfalls. Maximize your profit through the Teranoid Live Reporting App as it fulfills all the accounting needs.

Effective & Quick Management of Sale Invoices

Making sales invoices is no longer a lengthy and tiring task. Now instantly create sales invoices through the data and statistics that Live Reporting App brings for you. Simply track the sales record and create invoices instantly.

Easy Management of your Taxes with Retail POS System

Making tax reports has become easier with the Live Reporting App. Manage taxes accurately by knowing the exact calculations. Keeping all data at one place has become easier. So, you can easily access data without any trouble or lengthy processes.