Retail Store Design Ideas to Increase Sales

Retail Store Design Ideas

Certainly, humans get attractive towards visuals. In other words, most part of the brain that responds to the information comes from what we see. Therefore if retailers want to get customer attention, they should make their stores visually appealing. That is to say, effective retail store design ideas count a lot. Further, if retailers are running brick and mortar stores, they should plan and implement retail store design ideas in such a way that enhances sales. This is exactly what we shall discuss below. In short, we shall discuss the retail store design ideas that retailers can implement in their stores. As a result, retailers will be able to draw customer attention to the store and its products.

Retail Store Design Ideas that Retailers can Implement

The Teranoid team has come up with certain retail store design ideas that retailers should follow to get more customer attention and provide a great environment and service to the shoppers.

“You walk into a retail store, whatever it is, and if there’s a sense of entertainment and excitement and electricity, you wanna be there.”

–Howard Schultz (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Starbucks)

Create Extraordinary Customer Experience through effective Retail Store Design Ideas

Retail is not just about having the products in stock. Rather it is about creating an extraordinary experience for the customers. Therefore retailers should think about the experience customers would want to have, before planning retail store design ideas. Consequently, retailers shall be able to come up with such ideas that enhance the customer experience.

Store Layout

Certainly, retailers want to make their most appealing parts of the store visible to their customers. Therefore retailers need to make sure that they know the route customers will take when they enter the store. Consequently, retailers will be able to plan their store design strategy accordingly. Moreover, retailers should make their own strategies to lead the customer traffic the way retailers have planned their store layout. In addition, retailers should invest in foot traffic tools. As a result, they shall be able to know how customers move in the store and which areas grab their attention more.

Successful Retail Store Design Ideas include not overstocking the Entrance Area

Retailers should try to avoid placing loads of products at the entrance. That is to say, retailers should give customers some time to be comfortable after entering the store. Therefore placing many products at the entrance of the store becomes unnoticeable by the customers in most cases. However, retailers should place a few products at the entrance. Further retailers should place the shopping baskets and carts ahead of the decompression zone.      

In-store Breaks

There is a possibility that the customers will skip some areas of the store in case the retail store has similar-looking aisles and racks. Moreover, long aisles are not an ideal situation for retailers to implement in the stores. Therefore retailers should implement visual breaks between the aisles. These breaks shall vary from retailer to retailer. For example, retailers can have displays, signboards, touch screens that educate customers in some way, etc. Consequently, these store breaks attract the customers and keep them away from boredom and getting tired. Therefore retailers should try to implement such breaks in their stores. Consequently, this helps customers to view products more attentively.   

Central Point in Stores

Certainly, it seems ideal that the customer attention is drawn towards all the products of the store. However, it is important that there should be one focal point in the store. Consequently, it draws customers more towards the product and the store. Therefore retailers should try to implement focal points in their store. Hence, retailers should pick one aspect of the store that they need to draw customer attention towards. Therefore retailers should have one focal point in mind before designing the retail store layout.

That is to say, retailers should think of one of the areas of the store as their focal point. Further, they should arrange the lights and other products that help focus on this central point. Consequently, it will help in drawing customer attention towards the focused products. Moreover, once they get their attention, there are high chances that they shall check the items placed around the focal point.

Retail Store Design Ideas include creating Enough Space for Customers to Walk

Certainly, retailers should keep adequate space for the customers so that they walk freely. In other words, the store space should not be such that customers find it difficult to move around in the store. Further, there is a high possibility that shoppers instantly stop buying once they are bumped from behind. Consequently, this results in losing customers and sales. Therefore what retailers can do is tidy up the spaces that are assembled roughly. Further, they should adequate room for the customers so that they shop easily and without distractions and disturbances.

Moreover, this encourages customers to appreciate the products because they are not disturbed by any other factor. In addition, this makes customers think highly of the store because of its successful planning, organization, and implementation.

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