Understanding sales tips and getting to know how to effectively deal with customers is an art. So in order to approach customers, retailers need to be skillful and train their employees for effective retail sales tips. As a result, this will increase sales and enhance customer experience. Further with effort and learning ability, anyone can be proficient and sell successfully. In other words, it will not be that big of a deal. In short, employees can understand the customer behavior and patterns either through their physical gestures or verbal. So if retailers are vigilant, they can guess from the customers’ behavior what they expect and how they want to be treated.     

Sales Tips for employees

In this article, we have mentioned some retail sales tips that shall help retailers and employees increase their sales.

Retail Sales Tips include being Good Listeners

Listening is the key to understanding customers and making them feel they are being catered to well. So for this purpose, retailers should take care of a few important things. Firstly, employees should make sure that they do not speak until the customer finishes speaking. Although, this seems difficult but with practice it can be achieved successfully.

Secondly, listening should involve body involvement as well. That is to say, engaging the whole body is essential for retailers and employees. For example, simple nodding gives customers the feeling that employees are paying attention and that they care for them. 

Thirdly, after the customer has finished what they were saying, assure them that you have understood what they were saying. Subsequently respond in a similar way. That is to say, whatever their concern or query was, cater to it right away. So, listening to the customer effectively will inform you about the customers and their wants and needs. Therefore even at the checkout counters, employees should not only focus in their Point of Sale System. In fact they should greet customer well and see if they need something else.

“Customer service shouldn’t just be a department, it should be the entire company.”

Tony Hsieh

Retail Sales Tips include Body Language  

Observing is also equally important along with listening. That is to say, retailers should observe customers carefully. For example, their body gestures and what they are doing while talking. Let’s see how can employees effectively observe customers’ body language.

Firstly retailers need to have eye contact with the customers. This is the key in making customers feel that they are being listened. Further also see where the customers are looking. This will also give employees an idea about what the customers are demanding and which products are attracting their attention. Moreover in case they are looking somewhere apart from the store products and the employee, then it is time to ask them what they are looking for.  

Secondly, employees need to focus on the customers hand and arms movements. That is to say, if the customers are standing with crossed arms, they do not seem to be interested in employee interaction with them. Therefore in such a case let the customer know that you are here to assist them. However, do not keep asking them and do not disturb them because such customers are to be left on their own.

“We don’t want to push our ideas on to customers, we simply want to make what they want.”

Laura Ashley

On the other hands, if the arms are not crossed and if the customers hands and arms are facing towards you, then such customers are in for interaction and want you attention. So in such a case, retailers and employees can interact with such customers and suggest them products on their own.

Check the Facial Expressions

Certainly retailers and the employees should monitor the facial expressions of the customers. That is to say, it will inform you about the customers response to the store and whether they like their visit or not. So in case customers do not like something in the store, help them with it. That is to say, engage them in conversation that draws their attention towards some other aspect of the store or some other product. As a result, this will help them with their shopping experience. Further, they shall remember the brand that took care of them while they shopped.


To conclude these are some of the tips that employees can follow. Consequently, they shall be better sales person and will be able to improve their selling experiences. However, employees need to ensure that to create an exceptional customer experience, they will first have to build trust among their customers.  

“Happy customers are your biggest advocates and can become your most successful sales team.”

Lisa Masiello

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