St. Patrick’s Day is arriving soon. Although, it appears that this time of the year is effective for bars, but the St. Patrick’s Day is popular amongst other businesses as well. Therefore retailers should be ready to win customers. That is to say, through an effective retail merchandising strategy, retailers can attract St. Patrick’s Day’s customers. The Teranoid Content Team has come up with retail marketing strategy that shall help retailers attract customers towards the retail store.

Retail Marketing Strategy #1: Displays should be relevant to St. Patrick’s Day

Certainly the best and most effective retail marketing strategy to attract customers is to display relevant St. Patrick’s Day items. Therefore retailers should decorate their stores accordingly. So, the displays should be such that the retailers are able to attract the passersby through them. Further retailers can also plan themed displays in their retail stores.

Retail Marketing Strategy #2: Come up with St. Patrick’s Day Collection

Another way to attract customers towards the retail store is to come up with unique St. Patrick’s Day collection. Further this collection should be limited, which will be an effective way to persuade customers towards buying the limited products. Moreover retailers should ensure that they start promoting their unique St. Patrick’s Day Collection before the collection comes out. As a result, retailers will be able to create hype, which will result in anticipation. In addition, this hype can also be created on social media.

Retail Marketing Strategy #3: St. Patrick’s Day Sale and Promotions

Retailers can implement St. Patrick’s Day Sales and Promotions if it is relevant for them. Further retailers can see which products are moving slowly. Consequently retailers can come up with relevant themed promotions. For example, green colored theme is very common for St. Patrick’s.   

Retail Marketing Strategy #4: Separate section for St. Patrick’s Day

Retailers should make it convenient for the customers to find the required St. Patrick’s Day products. Therefore they should prepare a separate section in their store that displays all the relevant products. On the other hand, for e commerce’s site, retailers can implement a separate page on their website that highlights St. Patrick’s Day. Further they should also highlight about this separate page on the homepage. In case of brick and mortar stores, retailers should use banners and signage to draw customer attention towards St. Patrick’s area.

Retail Marketing Strategy #5: Fun Element

Retailers should focus on training their employees for the St. Patrick’s Day. That is to say, customers should feel that the store employees are also celebrating the day with them. In other words, they should seem excited and delightful. That is to say if the store’s layout and products are complementing the day but the store staff seems dull and uninterested, it will not be appropriate. Therefore retailers should ask their employees to show the St. Patrick’s spirit. Secondly, they can wear dresses that compliment the day. So, retailers, as well as their employees, should be creative and add in the element of fun in their store.       

Retail Marketing Strategy #6: Promote Party Products  

It is quite common that people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day enthusiastically. That is to say, the day is popular for parties and events. Therefore retailers should promote such products that are commonly used in parties and events in their store.

Retail Marketing Strategy #7: Plan Events

Talking about events, retailers can plan and implement events in their stores. That is to say, retailers can serve refreshments and drinks. Further, they can also plan fun activities for their customers.    

Retail Marketing Strategy #8: Give People St. Patrick’s Day Tips

Certainly, people celebrate St Patrick’s Day. Further people are in search of ideas to celebrate the day. For example, people are in search of recipes, decoration ideas, etc. Moreover, they are also in search of good outfit ideas. Therefore retailers have the perfect opportunity to provide customers with ideas that are relevant and of use to them. Moreover, it is even better if they are selling products that are of use to the customers. Therefore if retailers are publishing something, it is better that they link it to the product that they are offering (in case they are offering such products). As a result, shoppers will be able to buy the products they are looking for.  

Retail Marketing Strategy #9: Giveaways

Certainly, retailers can plan to engage their customers by implementing St. Patrick Days giveaways. Further, this can also be an effective way to drive sales. Therefore for this purpose, retailers can run a contest, for example, practicing treasure hunt in the store. As a result, customers will be awarded with prizes and giveaways.

To conclude, retailers need to prepare themselves for St. Patrick’s Day in advance. Therefore they should start preparing their store and staff for the day.    

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