Mostly the Restaurant POS System comes as a whole. That is to say, they manage the entire restaurant system as one single unit. However, restaurant owners must know that there are several POS Systems that come with catering to specific restaurant needs. Having said that, restaurateurs can choose a POS System based on their restaurant needs. That is to say, retailers can choose a system that helps them streamline their restaurant operations. Further, they also need to keep in mind the size of their restaurant. In this article, Teranoid team aims to helps retailers understand the type of POS they need to buy. Therefore we shall discuss below the restaurant POS features so that managers and owners are able to understand which features are essential for their business.

Restaurant POS Features

As mentioned above restaurant owners should analyze first the size of their restaurant and their needs. However, there are a few basic restaurant POS features that shall be beneficial for most restaurant owners.   

Restaurant POS simplifies Reservations

Guests no more need to make phone calls and reserve their bookings. However, they only need to add their information through an app or a website. Consequently, this information is transferred to the Restaurant POS System. As a result, the reservation is booked. This restaurant feature helps managers in several ways. Firstly, it simplifies the reservation procedure. Secondly, it provides the facility of sending SMS notifications. Thirdly it helps restaurant owners to predict the stock for the future.    

Ordering Process

Restaurants have been using papers and pens for taking an order. However, this has not been a very convenient way since customers these days want their exact order. Further, their orders are also quite extensive and specific.  Therefore the restaurant reservation and ordering feature helps simplify the customer experience. As a result, this provides extraordinary customer experience and has become customer friendly and very effective.  

Restaurant Management Apps have become quite common these days. That is to say, now it has become very easy for managers and owners to simplify the ordering process through restaurant management apps. In short, the tablet-based restaurant POS enables customers to order, pay and get served in less time.   

Automated Waitlist System

There are restaurants that keep their guests waiting for long hours. That is to say, the guests put their names on the waiting list, but still, they might not get the chance to be served. However, the Restaurant POS waitlist system solves this issue. In other words, a waitlist system is significant for business owners. As a result, this feature allows managers to digitally add in the name of the waiting customers during peal hours. Consequently, the waiting customers are sent SMS and informed when a table is free. Hence, this Restaurant POS feature automates the customer waiting process. Further, it also provides insights into the customer base.    

Online Ordering Feature

In today’s e-commerce world, online ordering has become very popular. That is to say, many customers prefer to order online. Therefore restaurants must have an online ordering app. However, the Restaurant POS must be able to integrate with the Restaurant app and other online delivery apps. Subsequently, the restaurant POS will ensure order delivery and preparation in time.  

Certainly these days customers prefer mobile restaurant payments. Therefore restaurant owners must ensure that their Restaurant POS has this feature. However, there are several ways to adopt this feature. That is to say, restaurants can use mobile POS systems. The Restaurant POS can also be integrated with any other payment methods that the customers are using.  

Inventory Management

Certainly, inventory is of crucial importance. That is to say, without adequate inventory items it becomes impossible for restaurants to work. Further, the inventory has to be updated frequently. Therefore retailers should have an advanced Restaurant POS that has an effective inventory management system. Further with the right inventory management system, managers will ensure that the staff is taking care of the out of stock food items. In other words, they need to take care of the finished inventory products in time. Moreover, they need to make sure that the availability of the items required in the future. The restaurant POS updates these items automatically. As a result, the restaurant runs smoothly. Therefore the inventory tracking procedure is simplified as tracking inventory has become much more easier and advanced.

Employee Management

Restaurant Point Of Sale is also being used to enhance employee management. That is to say because the entire work procedure is simplified through the restaurant Point Of Sale, therefore the matters related to workers are also simplified. For example, their work schedules are automated. Further the use of the restaurant Point Of Sale also simplifies the work for employees. That is to say, the mundane and boring tasks that required loads of time and effort have become automated through the use of Restaurant Point Of Sale. Moreover; chances of employee theft are also reduced due to the restaurant Point Of Sale. That is to say, the restaurant Point Of Sale can track any suspicious activity and unauthorized access.             


Restaurant POS Systems have become significant for restaurants today. Further, they have immensely updated throughout the years. Therefore it has become important for today’s restaurants to adopt the restaurant POS to simplify and automate tasks.   

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