Restaurant POS system

restaurant pos system

We need such a system that helps speed the processes and automate tasks. So, for this purpose Teranoid has come with its Restaurant POS System, which helps simplify the restaurant procedures and speeds up the time-consuming manually handled tasks.
Get to know about a robust and ultra-modern Teranoid Restaurant POS System. Now run online ordering, deliveries and curbside pickups with Teranoid. Give your customers easy access to menu and ordering. Now connect all your restaurant operations together, in one system and make your work life simpler.  
If you are looking for a new Restaurant POS System, or want to update your system, our Restaurant POS System is the best choice for you. We provide a POS System that is customized and according to your needs and demands. Our Restaurant POS System does a lot more than just automating tasks and doing and simplifying the ordering and kitchen tasks.
Inventory Management
Our Restaurant POS System has an in-built restaurant inventory tracking feature. As a result, you can reduce wastage and manage the stock levels the right way. It notifies if the stock is running out of stock. It further helps prevent theft, wastage loss or over and under stock.

Loyalty Program

Make the customer regular by giving them an exceptional and highly modern loyalty program. Offer reward points to the customers based on purchases and visits. The software allows the customers to view their loyalty points. This will help you engage with your customers in a better way through proper marketing tactics and rewards program.     

Restaurant Menu with Restaurant POS System

Our Restaurant menu helps you manage the menu well. Further, you can easily update the menu items and prices in real time. Whether you have a small restaurant or are running chains of restaurants, our Restaurant POS System will make the menu management easy for you.

Analytical Reports

Analyzing analytical reports is a must for businesses these days. We certainly do understand that in order for the business to progress and grow, restaurateurs need real time reporting that helps them know the progress of their restaurant and what strategies they need to work on in order to better the service and sales. So we bring to you a Restaurant POS System that provides detailed analytical reports. These reports explain all, such as sales and revenue, popular and least favorite dishes, customer details, employee performance and much more.
The data is available to you anywhere and at any time. Our POS System dashboard provides detailed analytical reports, such as trends and forecasts. There is no additional software needed for you to see these details. In fact, everything is available in the dashboard of the compact and tablet POS System.
Also you can monitor the details of you multiple franchised through our live Reporting App anywhere and at any time. On your mobile phones, view the restaurant progress even if you are not present in the restaurant. You will know how the business is progressing and what the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly sales are. Moreover, also compare these present reports with the old ones and know if the business is progressing or nor. Consequently, plan the marketing strategies accordingly and make changes in order to improve the sales and restaurant performance. Now never miss an update or notifications on business matters and tasks on your mobile phones while you are on the go!

Staff Management

Now you can also manage the staff well through the Teranoid Restaurant POS System. That is to say, get to know how they are performing, their scheduling times etc., through the POS System. Certainly, handling staff profiles manually is a tedious and time consuming task. Automate this task and know every detail about you staff regarding their work and performance.   
Happy staff will lead to better sales and happy customers. So, keep the staff well informed and well trained so that they can cater to the customer needs and know the art of keeping them happy. Employees should be given such service that makes them comfortable. Consequently, they will deliver the best quality and this will not just increase the restaurant’s popularity, in fact it will result in the restaurant’s progress and increased revenue. Reward the employees based on their work reports and performance.

Restaurant POS System Integrations

 The Restaurant POS System can be integrated with other devices that prove to be beneficial for the restaurant. Simply connect the POS System with other devices, such as payment gateways, online ordering system, loyalty programs and other apps. You can shape the Restaurant POS System according to your business demands and easily integrate the devices with it that you are in need of.

Quick Ordering System through QR Menu

Settle things during peak hours and keep the customers from waiting through the Teranoid App that comes with the Online ordering feature by scanning the QR Code. Now simply scan, order and pay through the mobile App. Consequently, the orders are straight away received at the Restaurant POS System. So, speed up the online ordering service and avoid wrong orders through the Teranoid App.
Because of its user-friendly and easy to operate feature, Online Ordering through the QR code is used across the globe. Also it is becoming highly popular among restaurant customers. So, Online Ordering through the QR code is an advanced way to place order. With the Teranoid App, online ordering through the QR code has been made way simpler. Now customers can simply select item of their choice from the menu by scanning the QR Code through their mobile phone cameras.

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Prepare customer orders rapidly & with accuracy
KDS displays all the basic and minute order details directly through the POS. So, make the Kitchen run smoothly through the KDS. Simplify the order taking procedure by directly communicating with the kitchen staff through the Restaurant POS System directly linked with the KDS. Ring up orders in the POS and receive them instantly in the kitchen without waiting for the servers to manually convey the order.
It’s time to get rid of paper tickets and automate the order taking procedure. Bring a drastic change into your restaurant kitchen through the most advanced and smart KDS feature. Now prepare the orders in time by knowing the exact time needed for each order and preparing orders that need to be served first. The quicker the orders, the happier the customers!
If restaurateurs are looking for systems that have rapid order receiving capability or they want to give their customers a better and a more enhanced dine in experience, they certainly need to opt for a Kitchen Display System. Make the customer experience exceptional with this advanced and efficient tool!

Online Ordering App

We have the solution for you that will help grow your business by simplifying the ordering procedure. With Teranoid, sell your On-demand and popular products and services in no time. Online Ordering through the App is the future of businesses and Teranoid has moved a step ahead in the future world.
Our Online Ordering App allows users to simply place their order online. The process is simple and easy. The menu appears right in front of the customers in their mobile phones, so just by clicking the menu item of their choice; they can place the order as well as select their payment method.
Besides having client database and profiles, the App comes with Loyalty Programs. Further through offers and discounts, customers can simply apply their discount codes to their orders.
Now never miss an order because you have your own personalized app that stands strong in rush hours.  Teranoid solves your problems by coming up with an online ordering solution that makes the ordering procedure easy and uncomplicated!