Teranoid brings Point Of Sale Report App.

reporting app

Live Reporting App provides detailed business reports from the POS directly to the App. Keep track of the business data simply through your mobile phones. Take time off from the business easily by managing business well even while staying away!    
The Teranoid POS System comes with Live Reporting App as well. Our reporting app features the significant business details and statistics that help business owners know about their business wherever they are. The benefit of our Live Reporting app is that users can know their business proceedings while they are away. In the same vein, you can manage multiple stores through the Reporting App. So you can simply stay in one of the stores and know about the other store’s progress through the App.
Now you no more need to worry about the stores management and records while you are away. You can easily track the store’s proceedings now without worrying about being present in the store. Certainly, there are times when the owners are not present in the stores, you cannot always be present in the stores. And if you are a multi store owner, things can become more complicated for you. So, the Teranoid Reporting App is the best solution for you. Have full report and knowledge of your business sales and progress through the Teranoid Reporting App, built with highly advanced features.

Purpose of POS Reporting App

Certainly, POS Reporting has great significance for the business. Retailers and other businesses need to know the strengths and weaknesses of their business. Don’t you want to know which of your products make the most sales? In the same vein, you also want to know which of the products do not result in enough sales. You can get these details and several others easily by using the Reporting App. So, in the modern times, businesses certainly need to have a Reporting App that is highly advanced and that provides owners with real time data all the time. Certainly the Reporting App will have great effect of the business and the revenue. Take better decisions and make smarter choices through the data gathered by the Teranoid’s Live Reporting App.
The Teranoid Point Of Sale Report App comes with advanced reporting features. It provides detailed and extensive reports. These details are essential and valuable for the progress of the business. Now you can simply track your sales, expenses, revenue etc., through the Live Reporting App.  

Time based Reporting App

Point Of Sale Report App provides data according to the time frame. That is to say, you can simply know the sales based on specific time frames and periods. If you want to know the sales of the last month or the last week, simply know them through the Reporting App. In the same vein, know the yearly sales as well. In addition, you can also compare and contrast the monthly, daily, weekly and yearly sales and know how the business is progressing and which areas need improvement.