KDS (Kitchen Display System) & its Significance for Restaurants?

KDS (Kitchen Display System) is one of the most significant features that restaurants need. In other words, restaurants are continuously evolving in terms of technology. Further restaurants need to keep up with the customer demands in order to be successful. Certainly, the more advanced restaurants are, the more customers they will be able to attract. Although, the Kitchen Display System works in the background, but it changes the entire customer experience to a great extent.

KDS (Kitchen Display System)

To explain it a bit, a Kitchen Display System automatically receives the orders placed by the customers. That is to say, it has replaced the physical method of receiving orders in the kitchen. Moreover, this system monitors all the kitchen activities.

Benefits of KDS (Kitchen Display System)

Below we have mentioned a few benefits of Kitchen Display System.

KDS (Kitchen Display System) makes Planning meal Courses easier  

One of the main features and benefits of a KDS is that it helps manage the meal course. That is to say, the manager manages everything based on the instructions and course plan set by the chef. That is to say, it is through the KDS that managers are able to effectively place the items on the table according to the plan set by the kitchen team. Moreover they can also set the timing of each item that needs to be served. Consequently, this helps customers effectively handle customers and meet their required needs in time.  

Kitchen Display System sets Meal pace

It is through the KDS that the items are prepared in time. That is to say, it knows exactly how much time is required for each meal to get prepared. Moreover, it ensures that the meal is hot when it is served to the customers. So, it ensures that if there are two meals being prepared to be served at the same table and one of the dishes requires less time to be prepared, it automatically slows down the cooking time of the item that will be prepared in less time. Therefore it makes sure that the customer is served hot and fresh food.  

KDS (Kitchen Display System) features Recipes

This is another very important thing when it comes to cooking. That is to say, the chef can simply look for the recipe for their peace of mind. The display system has all the recipes stored in it. Moreover, this will also help reduce the training cost for courses. Further, it will also help save papers and kitchen printers. Moreover, it also controls quality because certainly if the product is not made as per the recipe chef or the cooks can guess it through the picture that comes with the recipe.

How can a Kitchen Display System help Restaurants?

A KDS is way more than just an order taking system that has replaced order receipts. That is to say, different restaurants are unique and they have their unique methods and ways. So a KDS can be customized according to the restaurant needs. Moreover it is generally assumed that the KDS is beneficial only for big restaurants and huge chains. But this is not the case. That is to say, they can equally be used for small restaurants and are beneficial to them. So if restaurateurs are looking for systems that have rapid order receiving capability or they want to give their customers a better and a more enhanced dine in experience, they certainly need to opt for systems that have Kitchen Display System with it. Certainly advanced POS System that comes with this advanced feature and make the customer experience reach the next level.       

“Today’s customer really expects a truly extraordinary customer experience. That means your company, your brand, and your experiences are not just in competition with people in your category, they’re in competition with everyone.”

Robi Ganguly

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