Certainly the world is struggling to fight against the Coronavirus. That is to say, it has been spreading rapidly throughout several countries. As a result, there are shutdowns all over the world whether it is the education sector or the industrial area. In the same vein, we understand and realize that the retail world too is going under turmoil due to coronavirus. In other words, retailers are concerned about the future because the shutdown is affecting the sales and customers.

Certainly this is a challenging time for retailers. Therefore, our Teranoid team has come up with a few ways and tips that shall help retailers lessen their worry and deal with this difficult time firmly.

Coronavirus Safety comes first

Retailers should first take care of themselves and their staff foremost. Further if they or their staff members are feeling unwell, they should stay at home. Although this may seem a bit challenging but it is essential for the business as well as for the employees.

Coronavirus requires Taking care of Cleanliness and Washing of Hands

The first and the foremost element that helps lessen and eliminate this disease is taking care of cleanliness as much as possible. Further we are all aware by now that washing hands is a must to protect ourselves from this disease. Therefore ensure that the office is clean. Moreover there should be reminders for the employees as well as the retailers to wash their hands frequently. In addition, the use of hand sanitizers should also be encouraged in the offices.

Avoid Close Contact with Others

Another significant tip for retailers and employees is to avoid close contact with the customers. But retailers should think of ways that shall not let the customers feel unattended. In other words, try to lessen close contact with them but at the same time do not neglect them. Further in case there are some events or classes planned, retailers should cancel or reschedule these. Certainly this is best not just for the staff but also for the customers. That is to say, the customers might not want to miss the event and also might be concerned about going out in public and gatherings. Therefore it is best to postpone the event.

Avoid the fake Coronavirus Information and Rumors

Due to the hype created because of Coronavirus, there are several fake news being spread. As a result, the important piece of information fades away amongst the set of fake information. Therefore we must all pay serious attention to what is real and what is being made. For this purpose retailers can visit the authentic sources such as The World Health Organization, Health Ministries, and New York Times etc.   

Utilize this Time to Sell Online

Certainly these days customers prefer to stay at home. That is to say, because they avoid gatherings, it is obvious that they do not plan to shop from the stores. Therefore this is high time for online retailers to remain active and promote their business online. Certainly it is one of the best and most effective ways to not just keep the sales going. Further retailers should ensure that they remain in contact with their customers. As a result, customers will be kept updated about what is going on. Moreover, retailers should promote online shopping more by offering incentives such as free delivery.

Moreover, it is important that retailers and their staff inform customers about the measures they are taking for them through social media channels. Further they should also let the customers know that their health and safety is the first priority of retailers.

Be Productive

There will certainly be a situation when there will be less visitors in the store. As a result, retailers can focus more on other aspects of the store. For example, checking inventory, Point of Sale System, accounting and several other tasks. In other words, retailers should keep their business fit so that nothing lags behind when business gets normal. Further retailers should monitor and evaluate their businesses’ proceedings and work on ways to make them better. Moreover they can utilize this time for planning their future strategies.

Therefore this is the best time for retailers to focus on the things that they otherwise did not have the time for. To conclude these are tough times for not just retail but the entire world. However, through patience and steadfastness we shall be able to pass this phase and move ahead successfully.            

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