Retailers should not underestimate the power of establishing communities. That is to say, in today’s e-commerce world, consumers can instantly buy the products that they are in search for. Therefore the brick and mortar stores need to up their game so that they can attract customers and increase their sales. So, one of the best ways to engage or make customers is to be social and build communities. Therefore retailers can make this possible by holding in store events. As a result, retailers can build their consumer community. Further if done the right way, it gives a compelling reason to people to head towards the store. Teranoid has come up with in store event ideas through which retailers can organize in-store events. As a result, retailers can host these events by taking help from the below mentioned in store event ideas.   

In store Event Ideas

  • In store event Ideas include Organizing In-store Classes

People are always in for knowing something new. Therefore one of the ways to organize in store events is to hold classes in stores. Consequently, consumers will gain knowledge and skills. Further, this is one of the most effective in store event ideas to gather people together. Moreover, retailers can promote their products in the store by acquainting consumers with product knowledge.

  • Arrange Fashion Shows  

Fashion and runways shows are ideal for apparel stores. Further, if retailers are launching any new products, they can showcase the new products in the runway shows. So, retailers can hire models for the show or they can even ask the customers to participate if they are interested. Therefore the next time, retailers are launching a new collection, they can plan these fashion shows to showcase their collection.   

  • Product Launch 

Having talked about launching a new apparel collection, other businesses can also launch their new merchandise. That is to say, in case of launching a new product, retailers can organize a product launching event. Further retailers can decorate their store and celebrate the event. Moreover, retailers can add in the element of sale. This is an effective way in case retailers cannot showcase their products through a fashion show.

  • Outdoor Events

It is not necessary that these events should always be held in stores. That is to say, retailers can also organize events outside the store. Moreover, if the business is related to sports and games, retailers can manage outdoor events. In addition, this will also help them promote their products.      

  • Meet and Greet; one of the most effective in store event ideas

If retailers have relations with celebrities and popular figures they can arrange a meet and greet. Moreover, this works best while launching new products. That is to say, retailers can call some famous personality if they can afford it so that customers attend the event out of interest. Also, this can be very effective for art and book stores. That is to say, they can invite an author in case of the launch of a book store.

In addition, retailers can also organize the meet and greet event for their best and most loyal customers. This will make customers feel special and honored. This is a way to reward the best customers and make them feel that their loyalty is not unrecognized.

  • In store event ideas involve Promoting events through Social Media

When retailers plan to organize an in-store event, they should spread the news about the event so that more people are there to attend the event. Therefore retailers can promote the event through social media channels.      


Organizing and hosting retail events are always in. That is to say, this trend will not end anytime soon. To conclude, people are always in need to connect with other humans. So, until retailers will keep organizing in-store events, consumers will always remain active and approachable.   

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