How to simplify Mobile Commerce to Improve Customer Experience?

Mobile Commerce is of great significance today. That is to say, there is no individual who does not have a mobile phone and is not actively using it. Therefore, we are all aware that the use of mobile is common. Moreover, people are using their mobile phones to search for products and to buy as well. Hence, mobile commerce is an area that retailers need to focus a lot on. Although, retailers are working a lot on mobile commerce, but still there is a long way to go.

How to Simplify Mobile Commerce

The Teranoid team has come up with a few ways that shall help retailers improve their customer experience.    

Mobile Commerce Tip #1: Simply the Site

There are many sites that are difficult for customers to navigate. That is to say, the sites do not appear perfect on the mobile screens. For example, at times the items are too small or big that the customer finds it difficult to search for a product or it leaves them frustrated. Moreover there are sites that do not open the categories of products or there are times when the time load is a lot. So, retailers, by taking care of these details, can make sites that are perfect and that do not cause the consumer to face difficulty and hence resulting in loss of sales. Therefore, retailers need to constantly keep updating their sites and overcome navigation issues.

Mobile Commerce Tip #2: Uncomplicated Search Tool

Usually the customers who are searching for products online through e-commerce stores do not have extra time for product search if they cannot find one. That is to say, these people might be on the move so things should be made simplified for them. Moreover, customers are not willing to spend a lot of time on searching products even if they are free. That is to say, they want to find the product instantly. Therefore, if they do not find this convenience on the site, they shall simple move to another site. So, retailers need to ensure that they are providing their customers speedy and easy to use search tool.

Another good idea is to have the search engine on every page of the site. As a result, it will become easier for the customers to find a product no matter where they are on the site. Moreover, there are search engines that provide auto correct facility. So, when customers enter the first alphabets of the product they are typing, the search tool automatically predicts the items they are looking for. As a result, this speeds up the process and saves the customers’ time.   

Mobile Commerce Tip #3: Provide Explicit Physical Store and Contact Details

Make the store’s address and phone number vivid. That is to say, retailers need to make these details easy to find for their customers. Further, retailers need to ensure that the users can easily make call or find the store on the map. Also, if they want to call the store or the customer service, it should just be a click away. That is to say, the contact number should not simply be stated. In fact, the customer should be able to make call just through a click. In the same vein, make the store address also clickable that directly leads them to the map and the store’s exact location.  

Mobile Commerce Tip #4: Connect all sales channels together

Connecting one sales channel with all the others is necessary when it comes to giving customers exceptional experience. Therefore retailers should not just isolate their mobile commerce. In fact they should connect their system with other channels. For example practicing buy online pick in store option. Further, the store experience should also be made seamless and inconvenient. That is to say, when the customers reach the store to pick their items, it should not be complicated and confusing. So, retailers can make a separate section of their store for picking up online orders.


Mobile commerce is equally important as is the brick and mortar stores. So, retailers need to make sure that their mobile commerce is fast, active and up to date. Further, retailers need to make their mobile commerce strategy strong so that the customers are provided exceptional experience.      

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