We understand the public health downfall during COVID-19. Further, it is difficult to guess how COVID-19 will affect restaurants in the coming months. However, what we are certain of is that the Coronavirus will impact businesses. That is to say, because of the lockdown, businesses and restaurants will definitely suffer. Consequently, it will affect the entire food industry and the people associated with it.

Moreover, the restaurant industry is directly being impacted. That is to say, they are losing sales and customers. Secondly, the restaurant events are being cancelled. Further they are facing a decline in their profits. Consequently the staff is being affected. In short, it is a tough time for restaurants.

Manage your Restaurant well during COVID-19

Therefore the Teranoid team has come up with some ways that shall help restaurants manage themselves better during COVID-19. Certainly we want to help the restaurant industry deal with the challenges of the Pandemic strongly and successfully.

Ways to Implement in COVID-19

Take care of the Restaurant Staff during COVID-19

Certainly communities and the entire restaurant depend on the restaurant staff. However, as the social distancing is increasing, people still have to eat. Subsequently, the demands of the customers will also change. Therefore there will be a change in the staffing needs.

However the sad part is that restaurant staff is asked to leave the job in case they are sick. That is to say, they are not given paid leave. As a result such a crisis as COVID-19 becomes a night mare for the staff because they fear they might lose their job if they fall sick or due to low profit.

Therefore protecting and taking care of the restaurant staff counts a lot on this time. It is now the time that the restaurant staff needs support more than ever.    

Caring about the Customers in COVID-19

Restaurant owners are certainly facing hard time. On the other hand, there are customers who want to help their favorite dine in places. In other words, they want to support their favorite restaurants. Therefore as the time is progressing, it is essential for restaurants to keep contact with their customers. This contact can be either through social media platforms or through the restaurant website. Further the marketing teams can also contact the customers through email or text messages. Moreover they can also inform them about the changing restaurant policies during COVID-19. In addition, they should also inform their customers about the safety measures they are taking. For example, sanitization, cleanliness etc. Also, they should make customers feel that empathize with them and are with them in this difficult and uncertain time.

How to Manage Profits during COVID-19

Certainly this is a very challenging time for restaurants. That is to say, it has become difficult to decide as to which steps will take them towards growth in this time of hardship. Therefore restaurant owners and managers can see if they need to hire third party delivery systems.

Cleanliness of the Restaurant during COVID-19

Certainly restaurants take care of cleanliness. However during the time of COVID-19, restaurants should take care of cleanliness more. Further they need to assure this to customers that they are taking care of the cleanliness. That is to say, they can take pictures of the restaurant’s cleaning department and the restaurant being cleaned. They can further post these pictures on social media for their customers to see. Consequently they can protect their staff as well as their customers from getting sick.

Now is the time to clean the restaurants as much as you can. Further increase and promote the hand washing as much as you can in the restaurant for the employees as well as the staff. Moreover clean and wash the cooking utensils and other kitchen tools frequently. Also, ensure that the staff is well and are not coming to work in sick condition. Ensure that the staff knows that there is nothing more important to the restaurant than the health of the staff and the customers.    

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