No matter how good the food tastes or how good the restaurant service is, there is no point if restaurants do not have enough customers. Therefore the key is to draw traffic towards the store. Therefore if restaurateurs want to increase their sales, they can do so through YouTube. Yes, you heard it right. Certainly, you can market the restaurants and increase customers and sales through YouTube.    

People are watching YouTube videos every day in billions of numbers. However, there are few restaurateurs who are actually utilizing this for the benefit of their business. Therefore the Teranoid team has come up with the ways to acquaint Restaurateurs about how they can increase their restaurant sales through YouTube.

Setting up a Restaurant YouTube Channel

Loading videos on YouTube is not that of a big deal. That is to say, people can upload videos on YouTube without much of effort and without any prolonged and extensive procedures. YouTube is owned by Google; therefore first restaurateurs need to make a professional Google Account. However, restaurateurs should avoid using their personal accounts for this matter. In other words, employees might also use the same account to upload videos and respond to comments. Therefore it is better to use a professional account instead of having a personal account.

Increasing Restaurant Sales through YouTube

Share the YouTube Video

When the video is uploaded to the YouTube Account, the restaurant marketing team should start promoting it. That is to say, firstly the restaurant employees can share the link of the video on their personal and professional accounts on social media. Further they can also reward the people in their contact list. That is to say, they can give some prize or cash to the one who shares the video the most. Further the employees or the managing teams should also offer discounts for the people who share videos with their friends and family.

Promote the YouTube Video

Restaurant owners and their entire department can share videos not just on their social media accounts, but also on their website. Further if the video is linked on other social media platforms, they can link the video to their restaurant website. As a result, the traffic will lead the customers towards the site. Consequently they restaurants will be able to increase their sales.  

Blogging for YouTube  

Writing about the YouTube video is essential. Further restaurants can also write about the process they went through while filming a YouTube video. Moreover they can include the link of the video after writing about it. In addition, the video can also be sent to the customers through email. further restaurants can also reach out to other bloggers. That is to say, they can also be given discounts and offers so that they visit the restaurant. So they can make videos and share them on their blogs and channels.

Make Continuous YouTube Videos

Certainly restaurants cannot just be happy if they have created a YouTube’s Channel and made a video. That is to say, they continuously need to upload videos because people will lose their interest otherwise. Further restaurants need to understand that they need to make videos continuously so that they increase their customers and sales. Although it may seem tiring in the beginning but creating a video once a week is enough in the beginning.

What Topics to Choose for making YouTube Videos

Restaurateurs can consider making videos on the following

  • History of the Restaurant
  • Interviews of the Chef
  • Interviews of the Employees
  • Food Sources
  • Insight into the inventory and kitchen
  • A few videos on recipes
  • Videos on food Specialties
  • Dine in experience
  • Interviews of the Customers and their food experience

Respond to the YouTube Comments

Apart from just focusing on the video and its content, you should also pay attention to the people who are commenting on videos. That is to say, monitoring the YouTube account is also very essential. Further responding to the customers is equally important because the whole purpose of creating the YouTube channel is to make customers and increase the restaurant sales. Therefore responding to customers the right way is very essential to make customers and hence increase sales.   

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