During this time of COVID-19, the restaurants are highly dependent on delivery and online order. Subsequently all the procedures and the way the restaurant works have also been changed and adjusted according to the situation. However one of the most significant areas that restaurants need to work on is the marketing strategy. That is to say, restaurants must ensure that their audience is well aware of their online order promotions and offers. Further, they should also work on enticing the customers on buying food through online order. However, with the right online order marketing plan, restaurants will be able to successfully implement online orders.

Drive Restaurant Sales through Online order

We have come up with a few proven ways that shall help the restaurant owners and their marketing teams to successfully increase the demand for online order. Further, this will help build a strong relation with the customer. So, when the business gets back to normal, there are increased and satisfied customers.

Are you enlisted in Google My Business?

Regular customers are fond of your Restaurant’s food. Moreover, they might be sick of cooking as well. Therefore, people, these days are searching for delivery and online order options. However, the issue arises if they are not able to find the restaurant online. Consequently, they might also find an issue in ordering food online from the restaurant. Therefore they should be informed by the restaurant department that they are taking online order.   

Google My Business is one such platform that lists the restaurants and their details. Therefore restaurants need to be added in that list first. Secondly, if they are already present on that list, they should update their delivery and online order’s details there. So, this way the customers will be able to find their restaurant and know about their online orders facility easily.

Update the Website with Online Order

The website must contain the list of food items that you are offering. Further the details about how to orders online and what is the procedure of delivery should also be mentioned on the website. Moreover the restaurant should mention the link through which the customers can directly order food online. Further they should explain in detail about the food items they are offering currently. So that the customers know exactly what they want and what they should order.   

Offer discounts on Online order

Restaurants are offering discounts and special offers to customers during this time of crisis. That is to say, some restaurants are offering special menu items. Further some of the restaurants are offering discounts and offers on their menu items. Therefore restaurants can integrate the online order’s app or website with their POS System. Consequently they can set up promotions and offers through their POS System.

Moreover, restaurants can also inform the customers about their offers and promotions on online orders through emails and text messages. Also, social media is another such platform through which restaurants can promote online orders.   

Promote Online order through social media platforms

Social distancing is common these days. That is why people are in contact with each other more now through social media channels. For example, Facebook and Twitter. Therefore restaurants should take advantage of this. That is to say, they should update their social media pages daily. This is the way to remain in contact with their customers and to show them that they care and are concerned. Further the Online order has been made easy and simple through Facebook and Twitter as well.   

Custom messages on Online Order Receipts

Receipts can highly impact the customers and the way they see the store or the restaurant. Therefore whether restaurants are giving printed receipts or digital ones, they can always use it for their benefit. That is to say, they can use this opportunity to help built better customer relations. So, the receipts should be customized, promoting the online order facility. In other words, this online orders promotion does not cost any money. Further restaurants can also mention the name of the customer. As a result, this will help add the affect of personalization, which makes customers happy and helps create a long lasting bond with them.      

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