How to Automate Store & Digitize Retail Business?

In today’s digitized world, retailers need to automate store and make their business digitized. That is to say, they should no more indulge in manual tasks and spend more time in those tasks that require more attention. Moreover not using paper is good for the environment. Therefore by being paperless retailers will not just digitize and automate store, in fact they will do good to the society and environment as well.

How to Automate Store

Below we have mentioned a few ways and tips that shall help retailers automate their store.

Automate Store by digitizing the Inventory

Physically inventory counting is a must for all businesses. However retailers should not make it more difficult and tiring by manually counting the inventory through pen and paper. Therefore retailers must digitize their inventory counting system. That is to say, they should invest in tools that help them automate their business tasks. Retailers need to have POS System that helps them keep full record of inventory and is easily able to manage the inventory. As a result, retailers will save their time. Moreover there will be less chances of human error. Consequently the data will be accurate.

Automate Store by sending digitized receipts   

It is essential for retailers that they invest in a POS System that sends digitized receipts through emails. Further retailers can give the option to their customers regarding their print receipts. That is to say, if they want they can either get the receipt in print form or get it emailed to them. Moreover, today’s buyer is so advanced and well informed that they are most likely to accept receipts in digitized form. Consequently, they also help retailers increase their online customers. In other words, retailers can also make it a practice to add the link of their website and social media accounts at the end of the digitized receipts. This makes the customers click on the link and end up buying a product or two from the online store.

Automate Store by going paperless in managing customers

This is most essential for spas, salons, hospitals etc. That is to say, retailer should have a digitized system through which they can set customer appointments. So instead of manually writing details of the customers and managing client bookings, businesses should automate the store by automating this task of managing clients and setting their appointments. Consequently, managers can send them text messages or emails to notify them about any updating information.      

“Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.”
– Walt Disney

Automate store by digitizing the Loyalty Programs  

Certainly, retailers need to digitize their loyalty programs as well. That is to say, retailers should no more use the physical inventory cards. In other words, retailers should use a POS-based or mobile-based loyalty program system. Moreover, a POS-based loyalty program does not need customers to carry cards. That is to say, customers simply need to tell the managers and store employees their name or contact number. Consequently, they will get the information of the customer regarding their loyalty points and can simply be applied to their bill.         

“Customer satisfaction is worthless. Customer loyalty is priceless.”
– Jeffrey Gitomer


Automating store makes business running more smooth and efficient. Also, it is through digitizing that the store and business can be found easily as they are stored in one place. Further, retailers can also keep a record of employee attendance and schedule. Now there is no more the need to manually insert information and spend hours searching for a product.     

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