How can Retailers increase their Store’s Google Rankings?

Certainly Google rankings are essential for any business to reach out to its target audience. That is to say, customers use Google on a regular basis. Certainly, there are millions of users worldwide and they search for their required products online. Therefore businesses certainly need an online presence. Moreover, they need to ensure that their Google rankings are increases and not static. Consequently, this means that there is more traffic coming in which is good for the business. So, if retailers are not in the search results, they are certainly lacking in increasing their traffic and consumers.

How to Increase store’s Google Rankings

The Teranoid team has compiled a few ways that shall help retailers understand how they can increase their Google rankings and reach out to more people.     

Basic Steps for Google Rankings

Firstly retailers need to get their business enlisted on online directories. That is to say, retailers should make their online presence by enlisting in Google My Business. Secondly retailers need to verify their business. That is to say, retailers will simply get their business verified through email, phone and several other options. Once retailers have verified their business online, they should add in information about their business and services/products, locality etc. In addition to adding the name, address, contact details, business hours and reviews retailers also need to ensure that they add photos of the store. As a result, customers are attracted more towards a store because certainly we are all attracted towards things that we can see visually.  

Increase Google Rankings through Posts

In the Posts section, Google allows you to post recent images and news relating to your business. Consequently, this helps retailers stand out amongst the other businesses and makes the business reach out to the audience. Moreover retailers can also engage the customers by adding in calls to action. Certainly through posts retailers can interact with their customers more. As a result, they can increase their traffic and make new customers.

Increase Google Rankings by being enlisted on other Business Directories

Apart from just being enlisted on to the Google My Business, retailers need to enlist themselves also on other platforms. That is to say, there are other business directories also available that retailers need to be active on. Certainly this also helps in increasing Google rankings. So retailers need to see which other directories are available and which ones they need to be enlisted in.

After enlisting the business on these various platforms, retailers need to ensure that they are consistent and accurate. That is to say, the information added on all these directories should be accurate. In other words, if the information on all the directories as well as on the website does not match with each other, there are high chances that Google rankings get affected.

Back links are essential for Google Rankings

Having quality back links is essential for websites. That is to say, back links from other sites on your sites are important when it comes to Google rankings. So for this purpose, retailers can hold events in their store. This way they can connect with the audience and increase opportunities of creating links. Moreover, retailers need to see if they can invite reporters and bloggers to cover the event. Also, ensure that the event is entertaining and purposeful because that will make the bloggers and reporters write about it and promote the event.


To conclude, Search Engine Optimization is essential for all businesses alike, including new as well as established businesses. In the same vein, they are for online businesses as well as offline ones. That is to say, even if the stores are offering services and products through brick and mortar stores, they still need to make their online presence active so that customers can reach the location and see which products they are offering.

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