Certainly there are vast numbers of Excessive Returns every year. Subsequently, there is loss of revenue. Therefore excessive returns is a serious issue that retailers are facing. On the other hand, returns can also be intentional. That is to say, some people are accustomed to returning products.

Effect of Excessive Returns

Certainly excessive returns are costly for retailers. That is to say,

  1. Firstly retailers lose the sales.
  2. Secondly, the item returned is either damaged or opened.
  3. Thirdly this requires extra staff time and effort.    

How to Prevent Excessive Returns

Certainly there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to preventing excessive returns. However there are a few ways that retailers can follow to effectively handle and prevent excessive returns. Therefore retailers and brands need to ensure that they have clear return policies, delivered to the customers.

  • Try and Test Facility to prevent Excessive Returns

Brands should allow customers to fully experience the store products. That is to say, store owners and managers should allow the customers to try the products. Consequently the consumers will be able to make a more profound decision regarding their purchase. As a result, this will help minimize excessive returns.

  • Enhance Online Photography Skills & include details

When it comes to online selling, consumers are often confused about the images of the products. That is to say, at times the product they receive is different from what they purchased. Therefore brands should try to focus more on the quality of photography so that there is no confusion amongst customers. Further the details mentioned along with the product should also be clear and extensive. As a result of clear picture and description, there are fewer chances of returns. Moreover brands can also encourage customers to send them pictures while using the product, for example clothing, jewellery or any other product that retailers are selling. Consequently, this results in a more accurate customer idea about how the product looks like in real.

  • Reduce Excessive Returns through Customer Feedback

Customer feedback should be an essential part of the return policy. That is to say, customers should be asked to provide feedback of the product they bought. As a result, this will help the other customers make informed decisions and have a clear knowledge of the quality and durability of the product.  

How to Handle Excessive Returns

There are many modern shoppers who buy the products just for fun purposes and when they are done with that, they return the product. However if retailers and brands apply strict policies of no returns, retailers are not likely to even return to shop from the store again. Therefore because retail and business is all about the customers so it is essential to keep them happy but at the same time not let the sales and revenue affect. Let’s see what the ways are through which brands can effectively handle returns.

  • Use Excessive Returns as a means to Upsell products

In case customers return a product, retailers can offer them to choose another product from the collection. Consequently this will be a good reason to upsell relevant products. In addition, in case the customers intend to exchange the product with another one, brands can offer them other products too. However, brands can easily identify the serial returners through their POS Systems. That is to say, the POS System has the record of the purchases and returns. Therefore through this record, brands can identify the serial returners and consequently make strict policies for them.

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