Gym, Spa and Beauty Salon

pos software for gym

People interact with the staff on first hand basis. Consequently, the customers judge the business by their expertise and the kind of comfort and satisfaction they offer during the services. That is mainly how they develop a perception about a particular gym, spa or beauty salon.
At Teranoid, we realize the customers’ concerns. We understand that the customer experience and satisfaction is highly important in this industry. Customers want proper attention, clear instruction and quick accommodation to actually become a constant and loyal customer of that particular gym, spa or beauty salon.
Our POS Software understands all of these details and requirements of your business. Therefore, we have designed our POS Software in a way that could easily help you in entertaining your customers in a better and improved way. The Teranoid POS Software works closely with you to knit a personalized software solution that could be the perfect fit for your business.

Register Clients

Register your clients through the Teranoid POS Software. The Teranoid POS Software is a highly advanced system integrated with a whole lot of different features. By registering your clients via the POS, you can directly create their membership with a photo ID, preferred payment type, access control and locker allotment etc. Moreover, you can also setup the loyalty and discount card processes accordingly. Teranoid POS Software makes it very easy for businesses to carry out all of these processes directly through registration.
Further, managing clients has also become way easier with the POS Software. That is to say, you can manage the clients well through the app. Further, you can also monitor their history and understand more about your customers by knowing their preferences. Whether it is the spa, salon, or gym, you can know which of your services the client is most interested in. Consequently, you can plan the marketing strategies accordingly. In other words, our POS Software, helps in making marketing strategies as well. So, in case you take the POS Software only as a machine that is only for transaction purpose, you are wrong because the POS System is way more than that. That is to say, know your customers better and make the marketing strategies based on the data that you get from the POS Software.

Mobile App

Teranoid offers personalized mobile apps for gyms, salons and spas. It is free of cost and allows you to reach a wider customer base. Secondly, you can manage your gym or salon simply through your phone. Thirdly, the app would manage the customers who visit your site and sign up for your service. It will keep up with the current and incoming appointment and help schedule the staff accordingly.
Your work life can become a lot easier through our POS Software as it has specifically been designed to manage your system. Secondly, we also provide customized apps so that we can cater to various businesses and they can manage their business well.
With our POS Software app, you can easily manage your business affairs no matter wherever you are. In other words, this is one of the most important benefits of the POS Software. That is to say, keep close eye on your business from anywhere and know the business proceedings through the live reporting app.

Online Booking

Teranoid POS Software makes sure to never leave your customer unattended. The POS Software allows clients to schedule and book appointments online. The online booking option accommodates the clients according to the availability of the stylist or instructor and manages the schedule by color coding the booked slots. This will make your business proceedings easier. Further, it will also make the booking process simple not just for you, but also for the customers. That is to say, they can also easily book their appointment online and know which slot is available for them. Your clients no more need to visit you, instead they can simply get their booking done online.
We at Teranoid understand that for all businesses, customers are the priority. Therefore, the app has been created keeping in mind customer ease, care and concerns. So, provide good service to your customers.  Moreover, the growth of the business in this industry is also highly dependent on the customers. If your current customers are satisfied, they will refer their mates to your gym and salon. In this industry, your business majorly grows via word of mouth marketing. Therefore the better the customers are treated, the better they shall view your gym, spa and salon.

Modern and In Demand

Further, we cannot deny the fact that it is an advanced and highly technological era. Even the customers are tech savvy and they want their experiences to be the same. Therefore, having a system that is highly advanced counts a lot for the customers. In other words, make your business technologically advanced so that the customers feel happy and comfortable while dealing with you. Now there is no more the time and age of handling things manually. Even the customers demand the use of technology whether it is paying bills and fee, setting an appointment, getting notifications about discounts and new offers. So, give your customers what they are looking for because that is what they demand. For you, your customers come first because without happy and satisfied customers, your business might lose its value and meaning. For businesses, who are looking for an upgraded system that is highly advanced and automates the tasks, the Teranoid Point of Sale Software is the solution for them.

Multiple Payment Methods

When coming to a gym or salon, people do not prefer to carry cash and extra money and Teranoid completely understands it. Therefore, the Teranoid POS software allows clients a wide variety of payment methods to choose from. The clients can pay in cash or through cards. The software also accepts payment through mobile apps or online transfers.
We offer all that works for your Customers!