There are several factors that lead to a customer’s decision to buy a certain product. Further, it also depends on the recommendations that their relatives give to them regarding retails stores. In addition, customers also do a lot of research before visiting a store and buying a certain product. In today’s modern world, customers buy online as well. Therefore it is the internet and not the salesperson that enhances their sale experience. Therefore, while customers research for a product online, they come across either positive feedback or negative feedback on the internet. That is to say, if the product or the brand receives positive feedback it is great for the company name. However, if the business ha negative feedback, it is harmful to the business. In other words, the prospective customers will choose the competitors that might have positive feedback.     

Why is it essential to get Positive Feedback?

Certainly, as mentioned above, because of e-commerce, people highly regard the feedback of other customers. In other words, it affects their sale decision. Further, it is due to these reviews that the customers are able to gather the information they are looking for. Therefore customers are convinced to buy the product when they see positive feedback on the product they intend to buy.

How to get Positive Feedback?

Below, we shall discuss the strategies that shall help retailers receive positive feedback for the retail store.  

Receive Positive Feedback by asking the Customers at the Right Time

If retailers want to receive feedback, they will have to ask their customers. Further, customers are willing to give feedback. In other words, there are quite a few customers who would deny the retailer’s or the salesperson’s request to give feedback. However, the key is to ask the customers for feedback at the right time. As a result, the retailer will receive positive feedback from their customers. That is to say, retailers need to understand when the right time is to get positive feedback from their customers.

By the right time we mean, when the customer is convinced and satisfied with the employee’s service of a product that they have used. Secondly, when they have reordered some items. Thirdly, when they recommend other people to the store. Moreover, when customers promote the brand on social media for example tag the brand. Therefore retailers should very politely ask the customers for their review.

Certainly, a POS System can help retailers get the feedback from their customers. In other words, retailers can automate the customized feedback emails for their regular customers on their POS Systems. As a result, it can greatly benefit the retailers from getting feedback from their customers without extra effort.

Feedback process should be Simple & Convenient for Customers

Secondly, retailers should make the reviewing process simple for the customers. That is to say, customers will not be willing to give feedback if the reviewing process is difficult and requires effort. In other words, retailers will give reviews if the review option is easily accessible to them. Therefore what retailers can do is, add a section on their website that is easily accessible to their customers. For example, offering to give reviews through the star system is quite convenient for the customers. Moreover, retailers can add links in their emails to the customers that shall directly take them to the link.             

Receive Positive feedback other than your own Website

The website should not be the only place for feedbacks. That is to say, retailers should submit their review forms on the third-party sites as well. In other words, there are many sites that offer positive feedback from customers. Therefore once retailers have registered themselves on these websites, they should take the reviews from the visitors. Moreover, for the in-store experience, retailers can implement signage that invites them to review their site online.

Offering Rewards leads to Positive Feedback

The customer’s time is valuable. Therefore it is a good option to give them rewards for giving reviews. Because of the rewards, they shall be convinced to give positive feedback to the store. Therefore, retailers can offer them discount cards as a result of their feedback to the store. Further, retailers can reward one of the customers from the list of all those who gave reviews. However, retailers should not but fake positive reviews because it is nonprofessional and unethical.  


To conclude, once retailers receive positive feedback, they should share them. Moreover, the businesses that have positive feedback have more chances of sales as compared to the ones who receive negative feedback. Consequently, it helps build trust and is essential for business growth. That is to say, feedback, in general, helps us improve and prosper.

“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.”

Bill Gates

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